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Tiroflx Ningbo Trade

WESTERN OWNED Sourcing and Manufacturing, your agent company for smart sourcing from China. Revolutionizing Sourcing and Manufacturing from China, one product at a time

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All-in-one sourcing & manufacturing solution for China

This company has 25 years of experience manufacturing and sourcing over 6,675 unique products annually in China. They are fully computerized and exported 487 shipments last year. They have long-term customers and are well-versed in European regulations with strong connections to international labs.

Tiroflx provide:

  • Manufacturing and sourcing products in China for more than 25 years.

  • Producing more than 6,675 unique products every year across several categories.

  • We are fully ERP computerized and have a setup operation.

  • We export more than 487 shipment last year from China.

  • Our long-term customers have been working with us for 15 decades.

  • Our experienced staff will handle every detail from quality control to export documentation.

  • We are experts in European regulations, REACH, PAHS, ROHS and have strong connections to international laboratories.

See how Tiroflx is changing the way to source from China


There has to be a better way to source from China. 

About us   ​

Tiroflx is a China-based OEM, sourcing, & manufacturing company located in Ningbo. As a western-owned company specializing in China manufacturing, we provide our customers with what others cannot: a safe process of purchasing goods made in China coupled with exceptional customer service and support. With our experienced professionals, you will get the most reliable manufacturing and export services from China. Enjoy hassle-free production, IP protection, and high-quality products.

We tailor our solutions to meet your specific market, quality, and price needs.

Our team - Tiroflx is a western-owned China-based company that provides safe and exceptional manufacturing and export services from Ningbo. They offer hassle-free production, IP protection, and high-quality products tailored to meet specific market needs.

Tiroflx Ningbo covers
16 different production categories

including parts and accessories for cars, RV trailers, and camping gear.

You can find pet items, car cleaning & detailing, and even kitchen equipment here.

Our Story

I was a buyer. I used to buy from China for many years in the automotive business. I learned how to deal with factories and vendors. Experienced the challenges of having each factory deal with different standards and production processes. Sometimes I get the wrong product. I believe the Chinese production market offers tremendous opportunities to access good quality products at affordable prices for businesses worldwide. Wouldn't it be great if there was a smarter way to buy.


In 2008, TIROFLX Ningbo trade (Formerly Tirol Limited) was founded. Fourteen years ago, I jumped to China and decided to improve the sourcing market from here. My mission is to make sourcing from China easier.


We strive to streamline the sourcing process, improve production with quality controls, and offer better customer service so all businesses can take advantage of what the Chinese market can offer. It was not an easy journey. We visited factories and vendors throughout China, sometimes the only foreigners there. The biggest challenge we faced was raising the quality standards of production and customer service so that customers got consistent quality and service every time. With the business growing, we had to keep up.


Tiroflx Ningbo trade (Formerly Tirol China) was born to expand the line of products while keeping the same standards of quality and service.

Our specialization in European Regulations

Our goal 

Providing export services from China and improving product manufacturing.

While we continue to streamline sourcing and manufacturing from China, we aim to raise quality standards and bring Chinese production up to the level of European regulations. Eventually, we became the top sourcing and manufacturing agent in Ningbo, China. We set up automated quality control processes.


We implemented both a pre-and post-production quality control process. Outside labs should test each batch of production. In order to control the quality from production to ready-to-ship, we opened our warehouse.


Being western-owned helps us understand our customers from abroad. And our way of work earned the reputation of being extremely strict with control. While this didn't fall well with some factories, on the other side, we work with only the top quality factories and vendors in China. No other trading company in China does the same.


Since 2008, Tiroflx Ningbo has worked with customers around the globe. Thanks to customers like you, we are the top parts and car accessories company for sourcing and manufacturing in China. But you can find more than car parts and accessories. Travel and outdoors, Houseware, cellphone accessories, pet items, Trailer, and caravan accessories from China. Whatever you need, we have it.

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