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Aluminum Extursion Molding

Aluminum extrusion is the process of producing desired shapes from a material that is an alloy of aluminum and other metals, often copper and nickel.

Aluminum Extursion Molding

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The aluminum extrusion process is complicated, begins with melting aluminum, forming it into a rod shape, cutting it to a length necessary for fabrication, and finally swaging it.

Extruding has been in use since the late 1800s.

Aluminum extrusion is a process that shapes aluminum parts, such as semi-finished products, by applying intense pressure within a heated mold cavity (or cylinder), pushing the metal blank to deform and extrude from the die hole to obtain the required section shape and chemical properties.

Aluminum Extrusion Molding Process

1. A triaxial compression stress state in the deformation area can be achieved by the extruded metal after extrusion instead of rolling forging, giving full play to its plasticity during the extrusion process.

2. Besides, producing bars, tubes, types, and lines with simple section shapes, extrusion molding can also create profiles and pipes with tricky sections.

3. Extrusion molding provides a great deal of flexibility.

Different shapes, specifications, and varieties can manufacturer

4. Extrusion products with a high degree of precision, good surface quality, and improved yield and utilization of metals.

5. The extrusion process improves a metal's mechanical properties.

6. In addition to the short technological process, convenient production, and more significant general structural parts with a larger surface area than hot die forging or molding and rolling, low investment costs, low mold costs, and high economic efficiency.

7. It is particularly suitable for extrusion processing because aluminum alloy has good extrusion characteristics. Aluminum alloy may be processed using several extrusion processes and several die structures.

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