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Blow Molding

In the manufacturing industry, blow molding is a technique used to create objects made of hollow plastic.

Blow Molding

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Process of blow molding

The blow molding process allows for hollow objects to be made from plastic by using the blow molding process. It involves designing, melting, and shaping a polymer plastic to create an empty shape that would be later filled with food or another type of product.

This process is easy to produce and even easier to distribute in the market.

Due to this, low-pressure production occurs on screw conveyors, with a heated manifold gas providing heat to the extruding flow.

Plastic blow molding is a manufacturing method that has been used for quite some time now.

Due to technological advancements, many plastics have different qualities to provide satisfactory solutions for customers’ requirements.

Blow molding blows heated plastic into a mold cavity to create hollow objects.

This method creates hollow objects by blowing air into them.

Heat transforms raw plastic into a solid mass. After the plastic has cooled, the mold parts can be attached. The board is blown with air to stretch the panel inside the mold cavity.

Blow molding equipment is becoming more and more spectacular as technological innovations emerge now and then. One example of innovative technology is cutting bullet-shaped containers from stretchable sheets of material.

This process is similar to blow molding. The method of blowing hot air across heated glass creates hollow objects. An air blower exhales air overheated plastic above a mold cavity during blow molding. The atmosphere expands the mold cavity as the heated plastic expands.

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