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Shipping and consolidation

Partially filled containers or shipments that do not fill entire containers are commonplace in supply chains. Tiroflx provides shipping and consolidation solutions to make sure customers with highly specialized workers and more opportunities for cost savings and increased efficiency.

Shipping and consolidation

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Benefits of shipping and consolidation

1. Cost savings

If customers have half or two-thirds of a container but have to pay for the entire space. Our consolidation services combine multiple shipments to save customers costs.

2. Decrease chance of damages

Partial shipments need to be distributed through multiple touchpoints with different batch products, and the consolidation model can significantly reduce the contact of the products in different places, such as from the shipper to the consolidation center to the consignee. The less exposure, the less chance of damage to the product.

3. Speed the shipping

A consolidation service can reduce shipping time, and speed products delivered where it needs to be as scheduled. If there are partial shipments, the shipping and receiving times are different, which can present a lot of work and take much time.

Is consolidation shipping a good option?

Tiroflx has a western-owned warehouse, that provides enough storage space for shipping and consolidation. From the Tiroflx warehouse, we have exported more than 500 ocean containers each year and supplied more than 10,000 unique products every year across several categories.

Tiroflx has fully ERP computerized and has a setup operation to manage shipping and consolidation. When we get products, within 24 hours of products arriving at our facility, our pallets are consolidated into full truckload, and shipments are aggregated.

Tiroflx provides shipping and consolidation services to get shipments to customers' destinations cheaply and efficiently. Consolidation works and consolidation options are important so that we can properly plan deliveries.

An essential aspect of successful shipping and consolidation is using a reliable consolidator Tiroflx with industry experience so customers can be sure their shipments will be taken care of.

Consolidated shipping is an ideal solution for some customers who might only need a few pallets or smaller shipments packaged and shipped in one container.

To learn more about shipping and consolidation solutions and services available to help you, please Contact Us.

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