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Vertical bike rack

Use to hang bicycles vertically to save space. The unique design of the four mounting points and faces makes the fastening firm. Suitable for all kinds of bikes.

 Vertical bike rack


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Weight: 30 kg, are applicable to all types of mountain bikes and road bikes, folding bikes, etc. This bike hook material reality, steel is good, strong enough, the weight of 550 grams; The overall design is good, with four screws fixation, at the top of the main body and average distribution, the main body is designed on the left side of the stiffener, will not be bent bicycle. The right side of the plate design is small, and gathering the vehicles will not hinder the front wheel that was laid. The Angle of the hook is suitable; the front wheel will not fall off. Rubber sleeve length and protect the circle spoke. The main body and the hook are welded together, have high strength, and are durable.
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