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ALPHA Comfort Folding electric bike

ALPHA bike low step frame, hydraulic disc brakes, and 400W geared hub motor help you get around the city without sweating.

ALPHA Comfort Folding electric bike

ALPHA Comfort

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ALPHA  bike

Electric bikes are the future of transportation. They are environmentally friendly, convenient, and affordable. An electric bike is a bicycle with an electric motor. Rechargeable batteries power the engine; the electricity usually comes from solar cells or a power grid.

Electric bikes are typically more efficient than standard bikes, and some e-bikes are for transportation and leisure.

What are the workings of electric bikes?

Bicycles powered by electric motors and batteries use electric motors to generate power. A battery powers the engine, and a controller controls the energy it outputs. Your bike receives power from the drive system through pedal assist or throttle control.

Electric bikes with pedal assist

With pedal-assist electric bikes, you control how much assistance you receive, and the system only kicks in when you pedal. The motor amplifies Pedal strokes, providing a natural riding sensation that makes you feel like your legs are supercharged!

An electric bike with a throttle

With these bikes, you engage the drive system by twisting the throttle. In this mode, you do not have to pedal to be powered by the electric motor. It can be dangerous if you don't pay attention while riding a throttled bike. You must check your local regulations before purchasing an e-bike with a throttle, as they are only allowed in certain areas.

Is it possible to get wet on an electric bike?

Electric bikes can get wet. Most e-bikes are water-resistant, so riding or parking them in the rain is fine. Some electric bikes are not meant to get wet and should avoid in damp weather.

What if it rains and you want to raise an e-bike?

It is perfectly safe to ride an e-bike in the rain. Ensure your e-bike has been for riding in the rain (not all manufacturers/models are). The electronics on your e-bike may also damage if you ride in puddles or standing water.

Regardless of the weather, electric bikes are highly effective. Not only are many water-resistant, but they should also provide you with a complete sense of safety, security, and relative comfort during your ride from start to finish.

What is the speed of electric bikes?

A motor's capabilities and construction determine the maximum speed of an electric bike. With an assist, an e-bike in the US can reach a rate of 20 miles per hour. Once you reach 20 mph, the motor will stop assisting you, like when you're zipping down a hill. Your speed depends on what gear you're in, how much you pedal, and what level of assistance you choose. Providing more power and different levels of service will help you move faster.

A fast electric bike

A speed pedelec, or speed electric bike, has a motor that assists a rider up to 28 mph. They are popular among commuters and avid riders who want to cover a long distance quickly. E-bikes of this type are only allowed in certain areas, so check your local laws before buying one.

Classes for electric bikes: what are they?

Electric bikes can be categorized based on what type of motor they have their motor type whether they go. You should know which kinds of e-bikes are legal where you plan to ride.

Class 1 electric bikes (pedelec-assisted bicycles with low speeds)

A bicycle with a motor that assists when the rider pedals and ceases to assist once the cycle reaches 20 mph.

Class 2 electric bikes (electronic bicycles with throttle assistance at low speeds)

A bicycle with a motor that provides only propulsion cannot assist when the bike reaches 20 mph.

Class 3 electric bikes (pedal-assist electric bikes with high speed)

When a bicycle reaches 28 mph, its motor ceases to assist the rider. It helps only when the rider pedals.

An e-bike can generally travel between 20 and 100 miles on a single charge. It's extensive! You can determine your range based on a variety of factors. To estimate your e-bike's range more accurately, we recommend using Bosch's range finder tool.

What types of electric bikes are there?

You can ride an e-bike for almost any type of riding, including mountain biking, road riding, touring, commuting, and city riding.

Commuter and hybrid electric bikes

E-bikes let you go further, carry more, cut down on car trips, and enjoy riding with friends.

Electric road bikes

An electric road bike allows you to ride with faster groups and push yourself further. In addition, they provide a strategic boost when climbing hills.

Electric mountain bikes

Electric mountain bikes allow you to explore more trails and complete more laps. As your shuttle, you can power up climbs.

Find your e-bike here.

ALPHA  bike ALPHA Comfort Folding electric bike specifications

Frame: 20" AL Frame

Shock Fork: 20" Single Crown suspension fork Mozo

Fender: ABS Fender black

Tire: Innova Tire 20*3.0 low cut

Alloy wheel motor: alloy wheel rim 48V/400W

Stem: Adjust the alloy stem

Grip: Argormamic grip

Front & rear brake: XOD Hydraulic brake

Crank: Jiankun double wall 52T

Shifter/Derailleur/Freewheel: SHIMANO 6 GEAR

Pedal: Well, GO M21

Saddle: Sofa Saddle  Carrier: Alloy Carrier

Seat post: KS approved by TUV

Rear light: Jäger Bike RL810 + 48VDC

Front light: Jäger Bike D-022 48V

Charger: 54.6V/2A (ATN)  Controller: 48V/15A

Battery: 48V/13AH ,G9

Display: Jager Bike X5 Display

Carton: 5 layer

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