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ALPHA GT Folding electric bike

ALPHA bike is specifically for city commuters, pedal assist, motor-assisted speeds of 20 mph, and ranges of more than 50 miles.

ALPHA GT Folding electric bike


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ALPHA bike

You can do more and go farther on an electric bike than ever imagined. E-bike is also a blast to ride! We'll teach you all about the benefits of e-bikes, and we'll also show you how to choose the right one for your riding style and how to maintain it.

ALPHA bike ALPHA GT Folding electric bike specifications

Frame: 20" AL Frame 

Shock Fork: R-120-C 20".MOZO Full suspension fork 

Fender: PVC Fender Black

Tire: CST Tire 2*2.4(TUV Approve) or Innova 2*3.0

Alloy wheel motor: alloy wheel rim 48V/400W

Stem: Adjust alloy stem  

Grip: Argormamic grip

Front & rear brake: XOD Hydraulic brake

Crank: Prowheel double wall 52T

Shifter/Derailleur/Freewheel: SHIMANO 6 GEAR

Pedal: Foldable TUV approve

Saddle: Sofa Saddle  Carrier: Steel 8mm

Seat post: KS approved by TUV

Rear light: Jäger Bike RL810 + 48VDC

Front light: Jäger Bike D-022 48V

Charger: 54.6V/2A (ATN)  Controller: 48V/15A

Battery: 48V/14.4AH ,K9 

Display: Jager Bike X5 Display

Carton: 5 layer

How do electric bikes work?

An electric drive system makes electric bikes (e-bikes or electric assist bikes) more robust. All e-bikes use an electric motor and battery to help power them. Using a controller, you can control how much power is provided by most systems.

Do I need an e-bike?

Despite being a fun and easy way to get around, e-bikes are not suitable for everyone. The following is a brief comparison of electric bikes and other popular modes of transportation.

The difference between electric bikes and regular bicycles

Riding a traditional bike won't get a boost to help you go faster and farther. However, they are lighter and less expensive than e-bikes. Exercise is excellent for both!

The difference between electric bikes and electric scooters

In the city, electric scooters are compact and easy to maneuver. Scooters are great if you need to get somewhere faster than you can walk, but they will only replace cars. Moreover, they are less regulated and more dangerous than electric bikes and are only sometimes available.

The difference between electric bikes and cars

You can travel much further and faster in a car, you don't have to worry about the weather, and you can haul much more. But vehicles are far worse for the planet than e-bikes and are much more expensive to maintain, operate, and insure than e-bikes. Moreover, you don't get any exercise and must deal with traffic and parking.

The use of electric bikes makes it more possible.

You can go farther and faster on an e-bike and do more by bike. Whether you're new to riding, recovering from an injury, looking to keep up with faster riders or want to have fun, there's an e-bike for you. Using an electric bike can flatten hills, carry heavier loads, and reduce the amount of time you spend in the car. The best part? Exercise, time outside, and not dealing with traffic jams or parking are all benefits of a traditional bike.

1. Riding is easy and fun

Electric bikes are a great option whether you are recovering from an injury, can't ride as far as you used to, or want a bike for the first time. Exercise outdoors, stay active, and put less strain on your body with the extra boost.

2. Get up hills faster, farther, and faster

Electric bikes are the perfect solution if hills discourage you from riding a bike! You will be able to power up hills, and your fitness level will increase so that you can travel longer and faster with ease. You don't need to worry about making it!

3. Eliminate car trips and commutes

Long bike commutes are easy with electric bikes; any commute is much more enjoyable and sweat-free than a traditional bicycle. Thanks to the boost, you can carry more on errand runs, giving you yet another reason to ride your e-bike instead of driving. You can enjoy exercise while reducing your environmental impact.

The following are parts and accessories of the e-bike.

1. Motors for electric bikes

Hub motors and mid-drive motors are the two main motors used in e-bikes. Typically, rear-wheel hub motors are mounted in the rear wheel, while mid-drive motors are near the pedal cranks and bottom bracket. A mid-drive motor is more efficient, feels more natural while pedaling, and is easier to shift on hills.

2. Controllers for electric bikes

Your e-bike's settings are controlled by controllers, as you might expect. It's super easy to use them. The device allows you to adjust the level of assistance, see your speed and distance, and check how much battery power is left. You can even integrate your smartphone with some of them.

3. Electric bike batteries

Your e-bike's range primarily determines by its battery. You can go farther with a battery that has a higher watt-hour (Wh). Batteries can mount in many different places, but those mounted on the downtube or integrated into the downtube provide the best center of gravity.

4. Bicycle locks

Many electric bikes come with integrated locks to keep your investment safe when you're out running errands, grabbing dinner, or parking outside your workplace. In addition, it's a good idea to purchase a second lock.

5. Electric bike lights

Many electric bikes come with built-in lights. What's the best part? Batteries power them, so they're always ready to go! E-bikes make riding even more accessible.

6. Electric bike wheels & tires

E-bike wheels on an e-bike are more robust and manufactured than regular bike wheels. Motors apply torque and force to them. Since e-bikes are heavier, it's best to use high-quality tires and tubes to avoid flats.

7. Electric bike battery chargers

Chargers for e-bikes work just like those for laptops! Plug it into a regular wall outlet. For added convenience, electric bikes can charge on or off the bike.

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