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Anti-theft bike cable lock

A bike lock is ideal for securing bicycles, scooters, or other objects against theft.

Anti-theft bike cable lock


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Bike cable locks are a great way to ensure your bike is secure when you're away from it. It is easy to install, lightweight, and relatively inexpensive. With a bike cable lock, you can rest assured that your bike will be safe and secure no matter where it is parked. Plus, with the variety of styles and lengths available, you will find the perfect fit. So if you're looking for an effective way to protect your bike from theft or vandalism, investing in a bike cable lock is worth considering.

Bicycle lock


Material: Steel, aluminum alloys, PVC, ABS. The lock cylinder is copper.

Color: Black

Size:15*1000MM, the outer diameter of the product is 15MM, and the diameter of the steel cable is 4.5MM.

Bicycle cable lock with 4-digit combination


-The critical lock cable is ideal for securing all bicycles, motorcycles, skateboards, strollers, lawnmowers, and other outdoor equipment.

-The cable is lightweight, flexible, and long enough to secure your bike to various objects.

-Plastic shell made of high-quality ABS material, no cracking without deformation.

-With abrasive resistance, durability, and super anti-cut.

Bicycle locks are security devices that prevent a bicycle from being stolen by simply locking one of the wheels or attaching the bike to a stationary object. Good quality cycle locks are the first rule of bicycle security. It is possible to protect your bicycle from theft with bicycle locks that feature a highly advanced yet simple-to-use locking mechanism. Choosing the right bicycle lock can be challenging with so many options available. If you choose a lock, remember it should be secure and easy to use.

There are many types of bike locks.


U-locks are U-shaped hardened steel shackles, usually encased in plastic and connected to an elongated lock body. The shape of these locks makes them commonly known in the UK as D-locks. Because the hardened steel is virtually indestructible and the lock cylinder is more compact and difficult to pick, d-locks for bikes have a high level of security. At the same time, they are heavier than other types of locks. However, a flexible U-lock extension can make handling a lot easier. In addition to U-bike locks with a critical body, there are also those with a numerical code.

Chain lock

The chain bicycle lock type consists of a flexible metal chain connected at the end with a locking mechanism for keys or with a numerical code. The chain links are usually covered by a textile tube, protecting your bike frame from scratches, not your ears from rattling. Depending on the materials used, high-quality chain locks for bikes usually provide sufficient protection against attacks with cutting tools and offer comparatively high protection. However, this also makes bike chain locks heavy.

Folding lock

In folding locks, hardened steel is in several link-shaped segments. These allow the folding lock to fold like a folding rule, also called a folding lock. However, because the rigid components can only be moved in one plane, connecting and folding could be more comfortable, and it takes a comparatively long time to join the lock around your bike and a fixed object. During a theft attempt, the inflexible steel segments quickly bend, or the rivets are damaged, so the folding mechanism is defective. Nevertheless, a high-quality folding lock withstands some theft attempts and is practical for transport, thanks to its compactness.

Frame lock

Frame locks are fixed directly to the bicycle frame. The handling is simple, and the transport is unnecessary by itself. However, because the frame lock only blocks the rear tire and you cannot connect your bike to any fixed objects without an extension, this bicycle lock variant serves instead solely as a back wheel bike lock. It does not offer suitable protection as a sole anti-theft device. However, combined with another bike lock, such as a frame lock extension, they have an additional deterrent effect. Frame locks are even available with an innovative locking mechanism, which you can find out more about below.

Cable lock

Cable locks are of a steel cable, usually coated with plastic, and have a lock cylinder at the end. From mini cable locks to spiral cable locks to armored cable locks, this bicycle lock type is available in very light and flexible versions, which are excellent for transport, but offer low security. As well as in high-quality models, which are heavier and more rigid and therefore promise high security. By the way: Unlike chain locks, nothing usually rattles here.

Textile lock

The tex-lock textile lock has a hardened, saw-resistant, and several millimeters thick metal core. It surrounds by three layers of high-tech textile fibers, which withstand attacks with cutting tools and fire and provide reliable protection against paint damage to the frame. Despite the different materials and layers, the textile lock is highly flexible and has a comparatively low weight. You can therefore store it easily, transport and simultaneously put it around the front wheel, rear wheel, and bike frame. This combination of high theft protection with comfort and attractive design is an excellent choice for you as a security and style-conscious biker.

Bike cable locks are an essential security measure for cyclists. They can use to secure your bike while you're out running errands or just taking a leisurely ride around town. Your bike will be safe while away with the right combination of strength and flexibility.

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