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Automatic air pump

A portable air pump is compact and lightweight like a folding wallet and can be held in one hand, well-made and elegant, this electric air pump saves space for your car.

Automatic air pump


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Tyre inflator

3 in 1 air pump, inflation/tire pressure detection/LED work light

Product with intelligent digital display

Surface painting treatment with automatic cut-off function

Product size: 20.2*16.2*8.5CM, net weight: 900 grams

Material: ABS + metal

LED work light: 3 LEDs, 0.6W

Rated voltage: DC 12V

Rated current: 5A-6A

Rated pressure: 150PSI

Displacement: >35L/MIN

Maximum power: 120W

Motor diameter: 22MM

Power cord length: total length 3M, exposed 2.75M, wire diameter: 0.75 square

Trachea length: 49CM

Accessories: 3PCS air nozzle + 1PC sports needle + 1PC fuse+1PC manual


1. Fast inflation speed and strong power: Connect the air compressor to the 12V socket. Fold the switch, and the tire inflator around the compressor does all the work for you.

2. Fit to use: The tire pump only works with a 12V DC source. It cannot be with 110V, 220V, 24V, and 36V. Inflates car tires from 0-2.2BAR in 5 minutes. Easy to use when tire pressure is low on the road.

3. Automatic turn-off and tire pressure test: The digital tire inflator ensures you no longer worry about excessive inflation or low tire pressure. When the air pump reaches the desired pressure, the car tire inflator automatically switches off and carries your safety.

4. Emergency LED lighting and digital display: The 12V tire inflator has bright and durable LED lights that can inflate your tire at night, making it more convenient to use in the dark.

5. Multipurpose use: The portable air compressor provides two additional nozzles and one fuse power cord that allows you to reach all tires of your car, bicycle, engine, ATV, compact or medium SUV with saloon, air mattress, inflatable boats and balls and other inflatable boats (not support for large trucks or motorcars).

There is nothing worse than being stuck on the highway. A puncture may result in a mess, and a flat tire can be one of the most common causes. A portable air compressor is compact mobile equipment that comes in handy if you have a flat tire or a puncture. Some inflators include additional functions like a digital display, accessories, or flashlights.

Why need an auto tire pump?

Lightweight and portable

A tire inflator features a small design with the muscular build quality. And because tire pumps are small, they are easy to transport. The inflator may easily fit within your car's boot. Furthermore, if handled carefully, certain compact inflators even can fit underneath the spare tire in some automobiles.

Easy to use

All you require is to plug your inflator into the power source & that's it! After this, you must plug it into a 12V power outlet. Remember that before turning your device on, turn on your engine and idle it.


Did you ever experience a puncture, flat, or deflated tire right on the road? It is terrible. But fortunately, having the tire inflator may solve the problem. Upon filling the air with the tire inflator, you may reach the nearest service center & fix it.


Besides the tire, other objects are there that get filled with the air. Thus, some car electric portable air inflators have multiple functions, like LED lights and digital displays.

Here are a few essential terms you will need to know.


This refers to the pressure your tire compressor can deliver per square inch. Tire compressors with a PSI of 150 can fill up a tire faster than those with a PSI of 100.

12- Volt DC

Your car's cigarette lighter is the power source for the tire compressor.

110-Volt AC

A wall outlet provides power for the tire compressor.

When would you use a tire inflator?

The most obvious time to use a tire inflator is when you have a flat. In many cases, if the tire can still hold air, a tire inflator will keep you going until you can get a repair or new tire. Additionally, in many cars, a pressure warning light will go on in your vehicle. It happens when the tire has lost 25% of its PSI. However, it is essential to check and refill your tires each month as cars tend to lose 1 PSI per month on average, which is harmful to the wear of the tires, fuel efficiency, and more.

What should I know before buying a tire inflator?

Many different tire inflators exist, each with its unique features. An inflator must have a few standard and bonus features to function correctly.

1. Power source. Regarding the power source, there are a few different options. 12Volt DC, which plugs into your car charging port, is one of the most convenient options as you can keep it in your vehicle and use it on the go without worrying about keeping the battery charged. The cordless tire inflator runs on batteries and does not need to be plugged into a power source while functioning - this helps limit long cords and helps keep the tire inflator compact and lightweight. 110Volt AC plugs directly into the wall socket of your garage or home - this provides a high power charge, often speeding up the process of inflating the tire.

2. Inflation speed. Some tire inflators have a maximum PSI of 150. Compared to tire inflators with a PSI of 80 or 100, this is typically the highest in the range and will have the quickest inflation time. You should consider the size, weight, and the PSI of your car tires when deciding which PSI to choose for a tire inflator.

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