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Bike lift and stand

The bicycle Lift can be freely positioned on the ceiling so you can conveniently store the bicycles in the corners.

Bike lift and stand


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Would you like to store your bike conveniently? The bicycle hanging rack is the perfect solution. This innovative product allows you to ride your bike in the garage, freeing up valuable floor space and helping to keep your garage organized. With its adjustable height and durable construction, the bike hanger can accommodate any size bike, allowing you to maximize your storage space. With their easy installation process and secure mounting system, ceiling lift cargo racks are the perfect solution for bike storage.

Bike storage garage hanger


Color: Black

Parts and materials:

a. two pulley seats, size: (50x64x23mm) - material: Q195 iron

b. two hooks (diameter: 8mm) - Material: Q195 + PVC sleeve

c. one horizontal bar (215x58x16mm) - material: Q195 iron

d. two fixing seats (123x68x42mm) material: Q195 iron

e. one piece of rope (16M) - material: PP

f. two wide strips (5cm x 3.6M) - material: PP

g. four expansion screws


-Max. load: 45 kg

-The bike lift is designed to be ceiling mounted for bike storage in a garage or other place when no use, saving a lot of space for your garage.

-Auto-locking mechanism prevents accidental release.

-Rubber-coated hooks prevent the scratching of stored items.

-This bicycle ceiling lift can store bicycles, kayaks, canoes, ladders, or other long items

-The ceiling bike hoist for the garage uses heavy-duty iron and strong nylon ropes for maximum durability and toughness.

-Our bike hoist is easy to install and ceiling mount in your garage.

-With pulley hooks and adjustable rope, It's easy to hang your bicycle/ladder up from the ground.

What is the multipurpose ceiling storage hoist?

Ceiling hoists are a great way to store your kayak or bike in your garage or shed without wasting valuable space. The hoist is easy to install and can lift to 40 kg. It is also adjustable, so you can adjust it to the height you need for your items. With the help of a pulley system, you can quickly raise and lower your items with minimal effort. The strong bicycle lift also has safety features, such as an anti-slip rope that prevents the rope from slipping off when lifting your kayak. This product allows you to easily store and access your kayaks and bikes without any hassle.

Even though kayaks are bulky and oversized, you shouldn't let that stop you from finding a good place to store your kayak. Proper storage will help keep your kayak in pristine condition and will keep it protected. Storage can be a challenge with kayaks since they're large and bulky. It doesn't mean you can't find a great place to store your kayak. It doesn't mean you can't find a great place to store your kayak. Proper storage will keep it in top shape and protect it from harm.

Where to store your kayak?

The size and heft of a traditional hard-shell kayak can make finding a place to store it challenging if you have an inflatable or folding kayak. You should choose a location that limits exposure to sunlight, moisture, and extreme temperatures when deciding where to keep your boat.

Sunlight: UV rays from bright sunlight can degrade any kayak hull material, from fiberglass to plastic to coated fabrics.

Moisture: When exposed to humidity, rain, and snow can degrade hull materials over time.

Heat: High temperatures can deform hull materials, so you should keep your boat away from hot sources, from rooms that get hot, and from direct sunlight.

Cold:Even though freezing and thawing aren't as bad as heat, repeated freezing and thawing can potentially damage your boat, especially if it's a fiberglass boat exposed to moisture repeatedly.

Storage Locations

Two options: indoors or outdoors.

Indoor storage: Keeping your kayak indoors, whether in your house, garage, or shed, is the preferred option if you have the space since it offers protection against the elements.

Outdoor storage: People living in small spaces, like apartments or condos, may be unable to need help to store their items indoors. If you are looking for the right outdoor spot to protect your boat, consider these factors: under a deck, beneath a roof eave, or a tarp.

Protect your boat from UV rays and heat by finding a shaded spot outside. Make sure rain and snow can't collect in or on the boat. If you're suspending a tarp above the ship, be sure the tarp won't fill up and press down on the hull, which can deform the boat.

We like bikes, but they can occupy a lot of space in small apartments. And the excellent part is, once you get hooked on riding, you'll likely want more of them. You could start as a roadie, buy a cyclocross bike, and invest in a simple commuter to get to work each morning. Soon, you'll wonder how to store your bikes while maximizing your square footage. Let's start to order one bike lift.

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