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Car window shades 4pcs

With this double-layered shade, you can roll down the window and enjoy the breeze from outside while keeping the sun at bay. Cool and comfortable!

Car window shades 4pcs


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Sun Shade


Item Type: Car Window Sunshade

Primary material: Mesh Fabric

Selection type: Front side window, Rear side window

Color: Black

Styles: front window/rear window

Front shade size: 118*94*67CM

Back shade size: 57*45CM

Quantity: 4pcs

Vehicle service type: Universal


1. Maximum protection: This car sun shade has the latest high-elasticity mesh materials, which can not only block ultraviolet and high-temperature radiation but also prevent the aging of auto parts, protect the people in the car from sun glare, and maintain the temperature inside the vehicle. It is relaxed and comfortable and can prevent flying insects from entering the car.

2. Easy to install and disassemble: A few steps need for installation.

3. Protect your privacy: Our car shades create a private space for passengers. The side window sun shades can create a safer privacy space, great for some situations like work, sleep, long-way traveling, baby-feeding for moms, or just when parked, camping trip. People outside can hardly see what is inside clearly. With this car sun shade for the window baby, you can get a separate space for your privacy.

4. Application: The sunshade curtain has elastic material, is easy to wear, does not need any sucker or paste, has high elasticity, and completely covers the side rear window.

5. Convenient: Car window shades have breathable mesh fabric, lightweight. Compact and foldable, easy to stock, and convenient to carry.

6. Washable: we use highly elastic materials to make the car side window shade washable and prevent the growth of bacteria.

7. Universal fit: This universal car shade is convenient to store and is suitable for almost all cars! Our car sunshade side window has stretchable nylon mesh. Suitable for most cars.

What is a car window shade called?

Windshield sun shades (also known as sunscreen shades, sunscreens, sun car shades, sun shields, heat shields, or UV shields) are protective shields attached to a car's windshield or side window to keep the sun from reaching the interior and help reduce the temperature inside it.

Are you worried that your baby or pet will get sunburned?

Don't worry, and Small car window shades help you! Double layer, stretchy mesh, and high-density weaving provide a much better shading effect. Protect your baby from sun glare—no sunburn, more relaxed and comfortable.

Protect you and your family from the sun and heat. Enjoy the natural breeze!

The car window could also roll down when installed with these car window shades for the baby. In that case, you can enjoy the natural breeze freely and even block out mosquitoes.

These car window sunshades will cover your entire window and protect your privacy!

This durable, lightweight fabric can snugly fit over the car window without damaging the car paint or interior. And the black mesh will provide excellent privacy protection. People outside can hardly see what is inside clearly. With this car sun shade for the window baby, you can get a separate space for your privacy.

Are you afraid of the sun on the car irritating the eyes?

When you go out or go on a trip, you can enjoy music, movies, video games, reading, and eating better with our automotive interior sun protection shade.

Are you afraid that your pet may overheat from the sun?

The sunshade front and rear car window screens provide maximum shade protection for you and your pet and lower the temperature in the car.

How to use it?

Just pull down this flexible, stretchy mesh curtain and cover the open car door.

How to store?

When not in use, you can store adjustable auto-car side window sunshades in the included pouch or carry them in your luggage for travel.

Do I need a car side windows sunshade?

Both you and your vehicle should consider sun protection. UV sun's heat and UV rays can damage your car's interior. Down shields effectively reduce heat and protect against UV rays.

Does shade fabric color matter?

Choosing a shade of sail color can take time during the planning or purchasing. Choosing a light or dark color may come down to your preference, but some will argue there are some functional reasons to do so.

There has been no noticeable difference in temperature between colors, so you shouldn't choose fabric colors based on their perceived ability to reduce temperatures. Any color will work well, so if you want a darker color, go for it.

You should choose a dark-colored shade if you want maximum cooling and UV protection. The area underneath the shade will be more relaxed because dark colors absorb more UV rays.

If you need to know about car side window shade, visit this page for more information or contact us.

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