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CYCOO Spirit 20 inch Folding electric bike

CYCOO bike is ideal for commuters and cyclists facing urban areas looking for an e-bike to make their lives much more accessible.

CYCOO Spirit 20 inch Folding electric bike

CYCOO Spirit 20"

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CYCOO bike

The electric bike is changing travel! E-bikes, like cars and motorcycles, come in various types and designs.

CYCOO Spirit 20 inch Folding electric bike specifications

Frame: 20"AL Frame 

Shock Fork: M-25,20" MOZO,Front suspation

Fender: Stell fender, painting same as frame color

Tire: Kenda K924 20x2.125

Alloy wheel motor: alloy wheel rim 48V/400W

Stem: Adjust alloy stem Grip: Argormamic grip

Front & rear brake: Machine disk brake

Crank: Prowheel double wall 52T

Shifter/Derailleur/Freewheel: SHIMANO 6 GEAR

Pedal: Foldable TUV approve

Saddle: Justake 10A   Carrier: Steel 8mm

Rear light: Jäger Bike RL810 + 48VDC

Front light: Jäger Bike D-022 48V

Charger: 54.6V/2A (ATN)

Battery: 48V/10AH,G9 

Display: Jager Bike S6 Display

Controller: 48V/15A

Carton: 5 layer

How is an E-bike worth it?

In recent years, electric bikes have become more and more popular. Road bikes are becoming increasingly popular and offer multiple advantages over traditional bikes.

However, there are many misconceptions about battery-powered bicycles, as with anything new.

First of all, it's pretty clear why this industry is booming. Over 21 million bike trips are made every day in the US, according to the International bicycle fund.

According to studies, E-bikes are now the most popular electric vehicle ahead of e-cars.

Electric-assisted bikes were initially designed for the over-35 crowd but are now gaining popularity among younger riders.

In recent decades, bicycles have been considered a necessity, not a luxury.

It is changing now.

In today's market, e-bikes are the most popular bikes, and their popularity is constantly rising. These bikes are reliable, easy to ride, affordable, and help people live and travel more sustainably. 

As we travel, the electric bike has undergone a revolution. Technology has improved, and laws have passed allowing them to operate on public roads.

Is there a reason for the sudden popularity of electric bicycles?

Their appeal lies in their ability to level the playing field for cyclists of all levels. The bikes make cycling accessible to couples, groups, and families with different fitness levels and experience levels.

Cycling is a great way to keep in shape, save money on transportation, and enjoy the outdoors. For many riders, cycling becomes exhausting once they reach 20-30 miles.

Electric bicycles solve this problem by giving you a little push when needed.

Pedal assist can boost riders enough to try routes outside their comfort zone. In addition, since riders don't tire as quickly, you can bike for longer, allowing you to take trips you may not have considered otherwise.

As with other electric vehicles, electric bikes don't emit much noise or pollute the environment.

E-bikes can cover a lot of distance and are fun to ride!

How are E-bikes changing the active travel industry?

You can achieve incredible things with a slight boost.

Riders can now go faster and farther and have more fun than ever.

The electric bicycle revolution is changing active travel rapidly.

In the past, commuters primarily used electric bikes to avoid traffic in busy cities. Still, they are increasingly popular as a way of traveling for tourists, especially in remote areas.

A bicycle is a great way to discover a new destination.

Biking allows you to explore parks and scenic trails at your own pace, avoid traffic, and choose your own pace.

In addition, riders can travel further with less effort. It opens up endless possibilities on long-distance tours, rough terrains, and steep inclines that might otherwise be off-putting to many travelers.

Their speed, fun, and efficiency make them a great choice.

By getting on an electric bike, cyclists who have been unable to ride long distances or on rough terrain have found a new opportunity.

Travelers who are looking to cover miles over rolling landscapes and week-long excursions are just some of the ones who can benefit from these bikes.

It's becoming increasingly popular as a day trip option because you get the same hands-on experience but can pack in more.

In addition to taking the fear out of long-distance travel, cyclists of all levels can easily tackle those challenging hills and roads thanks to e-bikes.

Where hiking is impossible, e-Bikes can use!

Exploring rugged terrain that is usually inaccessible by car is what makes mountain and off-road biking so appealing.

Chasms, cliffs, and steep hills can be challenging for cyclists, but e-bikes make it easier to negotiate steep terrain.

Regular mountain bikes are often unusable for cyclists looking to enjoy spectacular views because they need help to handle steep inclines.

The e-bike also allows riders who need more confidence to ride up steep hills that a regular mountain bike can't handle to do so much more quickly.

As a result, travelers of all fitness levels can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding scenery while participating in cycling.

In cities where cycling is challenging, e-bikes can use!

You know how challenging it is to cycle in an urban landscape if you have ever tried it.

Several obstacles must be considered, such as cars parked on the street, pedestrians doing what they do, and bicycle lanes that don't make any sense!

As a result of so many people walking around, cyclists usually have to merge back onto the sidewalk.

Electric bicycles allow cyclists to reach popular destinations much faster and more efficiently.

The use of e-bikes makes traveling easier!

Take on all challenges at your own pace while still having the energy to enjoy your destination.

A long-distance tour is usually the first-time travelers encounter electric bikes.

It is common for many people who choose an e-bike to be new to biking tours, often accompanied by a friend or group who is more experienced.

Many more people will soon be able to travel safely and comfortably using electric bicycles. They are slowly changing people's approach to active travel.

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