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Foldable soft luggage rack

Car top roof rack can be used to carry kayaks/canoes and other items. You can enjoy summer surfing with your family with this product.

Foldable soft luggage rack


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If you want to avoid investing in a permanent roof rack or your car is incompatible, a soft car roof rack set easily mounts on the vehicle without using aids. If you don't have roof bars for the car, this is a good and easy solution.

Car roof rack pads


-Color: black or brown, customized color

-Material: 600D OXFORD + PVC

-Item dimension: 125*18*7CM,2 PCS/SET


1. Universal application

We called the universal soft roof rack, so you no longer need expensive solid roof racks. This car roof rack is universally suitable for cars without roof cross bars, such as compact cars, cars, wagons, MPVs, SUVs, sedans, and minivans. The lightweight, soft roof rack can transport kayaks, SUP boards, snowboards, skis, etc.

2. Reduce vibration and scratches

You can secure your surfboards to the roof of your vehicle using these soft surfboard racks. The universal car pannier rack pad has multi-layer EVA foam, which can effectively reduce vibrations during transport. The unique soft padding and extremely sturdy buckles ensure that your things will not slip or move around during transit. The smooth surface material of the roof rack is ideal for protecting your car from scratches.

3. Easy to install and store

No tools are required, and the soft pannier roof rack is easy to install. The soft roof rack pads can install and removed at any time. Great for travel, soft roof racks are lightweight and pack down small.

4. Stable and safe

Roof rack cross bars are built with rigid, durable materials to secure your boards and last for years to come safely. Thick nylon straps fasten your panels in place. Please make sure the load is within the safe storage area.

5. Covnetiency

A handy storage bag includes easy to store with smaller storage bags, compared with other significant and long storage bags. Compact travel size The rack conveniently fits in its carrying case (included) for easy transport. Keep the shelf in your car, trunk, or surf bag to keep it handy for your next trip.

How do soft racks work?

Easy on and easy off. A soft roof rack is super easy to use. It requires no tools and anyone can do it! You basically buckle the pads to the roof of your car and rest your board on the pads, securing them with the straps.

How can you use soft roof racks?

Get this luggage rack bar protector for your car to carry a kayak, longboard, or bodyboard during long road trips. This easy-to-install rack is ideal for vehicles with four doors.

Does a roof rack affect your driving speed?

Find camping gear recommends keeping a slower speed to maintain safe control of your vehicle if you use a cargo box or aren't hauling a cargo box.

When you put too much weight on a roof rack, what happens?

Weight on a universal inflatable soft roof rack makes a vehicle handle poorly, more likely to roll over, and reduces fuel economy.

Is it okay to go through a carwash with a roof rack?

It is necessary to remove the racks and any other accessories before going through a car wash. The large brushes can get tangled in the stands and even pull them off your car.

Why should a roof rack be removed when not in use?

Bits of road dust will get caught between the rack and roof over time, and abrasion marks can result. So, remove the roof rack regularly to clean it underneath, even if it stays installed.

What can you carry on soft roof racks?

Soft Roof Racks are easily stowed in small places like the boot of your car, ready to carry everything from kayaks, surfboards, and skis through to furniture. The soft foam under the padding ensures your jalopy won't get scratched. Suitable for carrying kayaks, snowboards, skis, furniture, etc.

You can transport your longboards and surfboards in your vehicle in a safe manner.

Put down your soft roof rack, then load up your surfboards. Make sure your surfboards and car are pristine before heading to the beach. Take a surf, then reverse the journey.

You should open your doors and pass the straps over the roof. Ensure your car's roof rack is secure and buckles are tight. You are now ready to secure your load to the top of your vehicle. Your portable roof racks have broader and longer padding to protect your car roof.

There is no need to screw anything to your roof. Most cars are compatible with your new soft roof racks. It would be best if you kept them in the boot of your vehicle. Whenever you need them, you never know when you'll need them.

Got a small car but loved your adventure sports? You can take your surfboard, kayak, canoe, skis, or snowboard. Keep your car—no need to upgrade. A soft roof rack is all you need.

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