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Freestanding bathtub 210L

Fashion bathtub provides exceptional comfort due to its gently sloping lines: non-cracking, high gloss, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

Freestanding bathtub 210L


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The freestanding bath can be one of the dominant elements in your bathroom. The acrylic bathtub has the impression that it exudes luxury and is comfortable. The freestanding bath can be placed anywhere in your bathroom, even if you want to enjoy a nice view from the tub. In matte white, this freestanding bathtub fits into any bathroom. Modern bathrooms, luxurious bathrooms, and classic bathrooms can all use it.

Freestanding bath features

Color: luxury freestanding bath with a matt white finish

Dimensions: Length 1500*Width 720*Height 600mm

Water capacity: 210L

Material: 100% matte white acrylic with waste and overflow without faucet

Details: Built-in waste & overflow, you only need to add a tap

Crafted in a single piece with an integral overflow

Our bathtubs are an unusual combination of comfort, elegance, and style. It will not only give your bathroom a modern look but also make each of your baths an extraordinary experience. Thanks to it, you can comfortably take care of your hygiene and relax during a long, hot bath.

The perfectly shaped surface will soothe the feeling of tiredness. A modern construction will ensure a slow heat loss, increasing the comfort of use in steel or cast-iron bathtubs.

Due to the white color of the bathtub, the product will fit both traditional and modern settings.

The bathtub's surface is resistant to damage and discoloration, making it look great for a long time.

What is a freestanding tub?

In a freestanding tub, all four sides expose, and it sits directly on your bathroom floor. When you enter the bathroom, they often serve as a focal point, attracting your attention immediately. Freestanding tubs make a huge design statement and are perfect for people who love taking baths. A bold, eye-catching centerpiece, they add sophistication and luxury to any bathroom. They are known for their organic, modern shape, which adds a sculptural element to the space. Nowadays, freestanding tubs come in many sizes, shapes, materials, and styles, both contemporary and vintage/traditional. Traditionally regarded as a high-ticket item, freestanding tubs have become more widely available at various price points.


It is possible to fit any style with a freestanding tub. There is no limit to the variety of freestanding tubs, from classic clawfoot tubs to modern egg-shaped soaking tubs. Because they don't need to fit between walls or into tile, their designers can be more creative.


The most common reason people choose a freestanding tub is its appearance. Freestanding tubs are unique, and they are usually associated with luxury.


Installing a freestanding tub is much easier than one built into the wall. You'll likely only need a plumber instead of a decorator and a contractor.


You can use your space more creatively with freestanding bathtubs. Would you like to place your tub directly under a skylight in the middle of your room? Yes, of course! When it comes to freestanding tubs, anything goes! While built-in tubs may require two or more walls to install, freestanding tubs don't need that much space!

What is the difference between a built-in tub and a freestanding tub?

There are many different shapes, sizes, styles, and configurations of bathtubs. There are two main types of tubs: freestanding and built-in. While built-in tubs are the most common and practical, freestanding and soaking tubs, have a striking visual impact.

In the end, it's up to you to make the decision. You may be willing to overlook the disadvantages of a freestanding tub if you have the space and like its look. You don't have to despair if you want built-in convenience and simplicity. You can find something that matches your look out there, and a lot of variety is available.

When it comes to determining what will add the most value to your home, it isn't easy. We recommend researching before choosing the right bathtub for your bathroom renovation. It is most valuable to have a bathroom that works well together.

We hope the above has given you some food for thought, but ultimately the decision is yours.

What is the most comfortable shape for a freestanding tub?

The inherent lumbar angles in an oval bathtub allow your body to rest comfortably, unlike a straight bath or corner tub. It provides support and comfort for your back without bath taps getting in the way.

Are freestanding baths hard to clean around?

Choosing a freestanding bath will save on installation costs and time. It is also straightforward to maintain and clean a freestanding bath.

Freestanding baths drain in what way?

Like a regular bathtub, a freestanding bath has a waste pipe on the front that leads to the drain pipe next to the hot and cold-water pipes.

Can you shower in a freestanding bath?

Freestanding tubs can be showers, but you'll need to suspend a shower rod and cover the tub with curtains to keep water off the floor.

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