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Glow in the dark peg set

The tent peg is made of galvanized steel. The fluorescent green plastic top can glow in the dark, making them easy to spot on cloudy darker days.

Glow in the dark peg set


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Before you pack your camping gear for your next outdoor adventure, be sure to grab a handful of the outdoor universal heavy-duty camping canopy tent stakes! Easy to install, durable, versatile, and easy to spot, the tent pegs will soon become a staple in your backpacking, trekking, and camping gear.

Keeping your tent in place is as simple as using a tent stake. Camping tent stakes are a necessary item for any camper. They are used to secure the tent to the ground and prevent it from blowing away in the wind.

This article will explore the need for tent pegs, what they are and how they use. It will also explore the different types of tent pegs and their uses.

Glow-in-the-dark steel screw tent pegs


-Material: Plastic, Metal steel

-Color: White

-Finish: Surface plated with blue and white zinc treatment

-Style: Heavy Duty

-Item Dimensions LxDia.: L18.7 CM X Dia.7.3MM, 13MM hex head

-Number of Pieces: 16

-Contain:16 X Pille driver tent pet, 1 X screw


1. Galvanized steel tent stake is corrosion resistant, has high hardness, is highly durable, and is not easily bent. The tent pegs are constructed from durable and long-lasting galvanized steel, meaning a protective zinc coating is over the steel to prevent rusting or corrosion. The camping tarp pegs material is sturdy and rust-resistant, sure to last you through many camping seasons and backpacking adventures!

2. The ground nail's sturdy steel spikes are easy to put in the ground and to pull up on various terrains.

3. The fluorescent green plastic tops can glow in the dark, making the tent peg easy to spot on cloudy darker days.

4. The tips of steel tent pegs are very sharp and can quickly get in and out of the hard ground. The tent stakes feature a deliberate twisted metal body design that quickly penetrates everything from hard-packed soil to grass and sand. The camping tent pegs protect against bad weather or heavy winds wherever you need to secure a canopy, pergola, or overhead covering.

5. These tent pegs are designed to securely anchor canopies, shelters, tarps, patio & garden structures, or grounded landscapes and backyards. The steel tent pegs are suitable for most the tent, like 2 Person Tent, 4 Person. The tent nails are also ideal for canopies, tarps, garden structures, or landscape trim.

What is a tent stakes called?

The heavy-duty steel screw is a simple and ancient device used to hold a tent in place. The tent peg (or tent stake) is a spike. It is a long, thin metal piece with a sharp point at one end, usually made of steel or aluminum. Usually, it has a hook or hole on the top end and is pushed directly into the ground to attach to the tent's material or connect to the tent's ropes.

What are the different types of tent pegs?

Various styles and materials are available for metal tent pegs, each suited to a particular climate. Multiple types and materials are available for metal tent pegs, each suited to a specific environment.

Check out the standard tent peg designs below to see if you have a set of suitable tent pegs.

Skewer Peg

Despite its simplicity, this tent peg is weak and prone to twisting in the ground, resulting in the guy falling off. The head should push down to the bottom to prevent tripping on groundsheets.

Rock Peg

Camping on rocky soil that can damage other materials or designs will require this hardened metal version of a nail. Camping on shaky ground that can damage other materials or techniques requires this set metal version of a pin.

Stake Peg

With various designs and materials, this most common peg will work in most conditions. For medium to soft ground, thick wooden or plastic pegs are recommended.

For camping on sand or mud, longer, thicker pegs will provide a stronger hold on the ground.

Metal Stake

They usually have a V- or U-shaped vertical cross-section for gripping and preventing rotation. They are strong enough to withstand hard and stony ground conditions that would otherwise damage plastic or wood.

You should have a variety of metal stakes with varying lengths to fit any situation - though if you know you will be on hard ground, more stakes recommend.

Delta Peg

These pegs have a unique design that digs deeper into the ground when force is applied, making them ideal for stormy conditions.

It shapes like a 7, with the vertical section going into the ground and the horizontal section remaining above ground. Because the guy's rope hooks onto the end, pulling the peg out into the tent's direction is challenging.

There are three types of delta pegs: nylon for general use, stainless steel for long life and hard ground, and a stainless version for use with rock pegs.

Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about the details of camping tent pegs.

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