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JAGER 700C electric bike

JAGER bike 700C electric bike are the first self-assembly bicycles without welding in the world. The electric bike is available in a small box with the entire tool set.

JAGER 700C electric bike


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JAGER bike

Electric bicycles have become increasingly popular worldwide.

In an era when traditional automobiles have become more expensive, electric bikes have become a popular alternative for commuters.

Furthermore, gas and diesel prices change regularly, causing fuel emissions, while electric batteries do not.

Suburban and big-city commuters have begun to realize the benefits of electric biking over other modes of transportation.

As fuel costs rise and insurance premiums rise, it's no wonder many vehicles are becoming unaffordable.

 700C Electric bike specifications

Shock Fork: alloy

Saddle: SR

Tire: Kenda

Seat post: KS

Spoke rim: 29"

Stem: Jager

Rear light: battery light

Front light: battery light

Charger: 36V

Battery: 36V/7AH

Grip: ergonomic

Display: LCD Jager

Front & rear brake: disc brake

Crank: alloy

Pedal: weel go

Carton: 5 layer

How long do e-bikes last?

When properly cared for and regularly maintained, e-bikes are reliable friends for years to come.

Based on how you use it, e-bikes typically last around ten years. If you take good care of your bike, it can last well over a decade. Despite proper maintenance, various parts, such as motors and chains, will need to be replaced occasionally.

These tips will help you maintain your e-bike for the long haul and extend its shelf life.

High-quality e-bikes will require maintenance over time. Although e-bikes can last for ten years or more, different parts must replace over time. It depends on how often you ride your bike as well.

Various components of an e-bike deplete at different rates over time. The following is a rough breakdown of how long they will last:

The battery

Battery life frequently discusses in terms of day-to-day usage and how long batteries last.

It usually takes three to five years for batteries to last for most bikes.

Generally, batteries are easy to replace and provided by your bike manufacturer. The process varies depending on the bike company and its design.


The motor of an e-bike can last as long as the bike itself. Rear hub motors are sealed against corrosion and the elements and require little maintenance.

If your motor fails, you can get it replaced. You can install the replacement at home or your local bike shop by contacting your manufacturer.

Chain and tires

In general, chains and tires last between 1,000 and 3,000 miles before they need replacing. It means they typically last one to two years for most riders. Regular cleaning and lubrication will prolong the life of the chain.

Those who ride their bikes frequently and over tricky terrain may need to replace chains and tires more often. However, these supplies are relatively inexpensive and can usually replace without the assistance of a mechanic.


Certain gears fail more rapidly than others, but a well-made bike's gears can last as long as the bike itself.

For example, gears holding the chain in place may break down faster than those found near the front cog.

Even though some gears may only last three to four years, they are inexpensive and easy to replace. You can prevent issues by regularly maintaining your derailleur and gears.

What can I do to extend the life of my e-bike?

It is possible to extend the life of your e-bike as much as possible. Taking care of your vehicle doesn't take much effort and will pay off in the long run. An e-bike that's well cared for can last over ten years.

Ebikes should be stored away from the elements, preferably inside. Rusty parts can wear down faster and reduce their lifespan.

It would help if you never store your battery at total capacity. It shortens its overall lifespan. Store your battery between 40% and 80%.

Ensure you wipe down your bike after a long ride to prevent dirt and dust from affecting your motor and moving parts. Electric bikes require a gentle wash to avoid suspension and drivetrain damage. Never use a hose to wash your cycle or use similar high-pressure methods.

You should check your bike's bolts frequently to ensure they are tight enough. You could be injured, and your bike could suffer additional damage if your bike breaks down while you're riding.

An e-bike can last over a decade with proper care and regular maintenance. Even though no machinery is immortal, e-bikes can last much longer than traditional bicycles.

The world is getting more and more complicated. With all the new technologies, it has become challenging to keep up with the pace of life. People are always on the go, and the use of cars is becoming obsolete.

E-bikes are an excellent alternative to cars, especially in urban areas. They are more environmentally friendly and have lower running costs. The reason why people need an e-bike is that it can help them to get around the city more quickly and easily.

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