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JAGER Waggen Electric bike

JAGER bike is a new transportation type changing how we travel. Carry your kids or groceries safely and efficiently with our Waggen Ebikes with our long-tail.

JAGER Waggen Electric bike

JAGER Waggen

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JAGER bike

Electric bikes are the future of transportation. They are environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, and cheap to ride. Electric bikes have been around for quite a while now, but the top speed is still limited. The battery's power output limits an electric bike's maximum speed. The more powerful the storm, the higher the total rate.

Here is our Tiroflx-JAGER bike.

JAGER Waggen electric bike specifications

Frame: 20" AL Frame

Shock fork: 24" Single crown suspenion fork Mozo

Fender: ABS Fender black

Tire: Innova Tire 20*4 1/4

Alloy wheel motor: alloy wheel rim 48V/500W

Stem: Adjust alloy stem 

Grip: Argormamic grip

Front & rear brake: XOD Hydraulic Brake

Crank: Jiankun double wall 52T

Shifter/Derailleur/Freewheel: SHIMANO 6 GEAR

Pedal: Well GO M21

Saddle: Sofa Saddle   Carrier: Alloy Carrier

Seat post: KS approved by TUV

Rear light: Jäger Bike RL810 + 48VDC

Front light: Jäger Bike D-022 48V

Charger: 54.6V/2A. (ATN)  Controller: 48V/23AH

Battery: 48V/20AH option for two battery

Display: Jager bike X5 display

Carton: 5 layer

There is usually a speed limiter on electric bicycles. 

This device prevents the bike from accelerating beyond its permitted speed. On highways and busy roads, speed limiters ensure your safety.

As a result, the motor's speed can reduce, and its performance can be limited. Many people prefer to remove the speed limitation to utilize the bicycle's speed capacity fully.

How can an electric bike be made to have no speed limit?

You only need a few technical skills to remove electric bike speed limiters. An electric bike tool kit is the easiest way to do this.

On an e-bike, how do you override the speed limit?

Your bike's speed limiter can override in several ways. You can remove it by taking off the limiting wire, using a special e-bike tool kit, or handling it manually. We will show you all the methods to modify your equipment here:

Step 1: Wire removal from bicycles

The first method is probably the easiest way to remove your bike's speed limiter. Follow the instructions below if your electric bike has a speed limiter wire installed.

Locate the bicycle's limited wire. A single wire is usually at the controller.

You can remove it since it is attached to the connector.

By removing the wire, your bicycle no longer has an e-bike speed limit, and you can enjoy its full speed.

Step 2: Derestricting bicycle with the use of manual tuning

Derestricting an electric bike by hand is also known as the By-Hand Method. You can do this manually by hand without an extra bike tool or tool kit. This cheap but effective method can remove your bike's speed limit.

Before you proceed, you should understand the following technical terms:

Sensor work

Your bike's sensor monitors and reads its behavior. Your bike motor receives data from the unit, which a computer unit analyzes.

Modifying the sensor is a critical way to take off your speed limiter. In most cases, it is at the base of the bike frame, and it directly works with the magnet. The magnetic device works side by side with the sensor, too.

With the magnetic device, you can make your bicycle faster. You can relocate the device away from the bicycle wheel. This way, the controller will notice a lower frequency and signal that you are using the bicycle at a lower speed.

The controller will prompt the engine and the speed limiter to move faster. But this e-bike speed limit hack should be done correctly, following the guide below:

You will need to locate the magnetic device and sensor on your bike. Ensure it remove from respective locations and repositioned elsewhere.

Your electric bike's pedal bracket is the best place to relocate the magnet. Move the magnetic device to the sensor after you have moved the magnetic device.

The sensor should be closer to the magnetic device. Magnetize the sensor so that it faces the magnet.

Step 3: Use of e-bike tools

Manufacturers developed e-bike kits to help cyclists manipulate the speed limit since many bikers complain about speed limiters. Compared to the first two methods, this method can cost you money.

You need to buy an e-bike tool kit that will help you modify the speed rate of your bike and distort the speed data on the equipment.

An electric bike's speed limiter can be a safety feature, but it can be too restricting for adrenaline seekers who ride at high speeds. Bikers who are used to enjoying the rush of cycling at maximum speed will want to know how to remove the speed limiter on an electric bike without causing any damage. You need to follow the guide and enjoy your bike's optimum speed.

Why do we recommend ordering electric bikes?

The advantages of an electric bike are endless. They do not require any fuel or oil to run. It is a sustainable way for people to travel and get exercise at the same time.

Many people choose not to drive their cars because they cannot afford gas or do not want to put more pollution into the air, so they opt for an electric bike instead.

An electric bike can be used in any weather condition, making it perfect for commuters who need to use it daily. It is also an excellent alternative for those who live in hilly areas or have difficulty walking long distances due to age or injury. It provides them with an easier way of getting around without having to worry about hills or stairs like they would using a regular bicycle.

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