Motorcycle tpms

Real-time monitoring data, synchronous Display: contains a precision wireless transmission sensor and gives an accurate reading. Whenever abnormalities in the tire pressure or temperature are discovered, the monitor will quickly send out an audiovisual alarm to warn the driver.
Waterproof & dustproof wireless display design: Waterproof and dustproof, the +TPMS can meet all the different regions in any climate such as sunny rainy snowy cloudy harsh days.
Durable life and strong power battery: Build-in lithium battery to get electricity, Magnetic USB charging, no wires connection. With LCD panel and 2 external high sensitivity and accuracy sensors.
Necessary alarm system for motorcycles: dynamically monitors all tire pressure and temperature, improves fuel efficiency, prolongs tire life, and ensures driver safety.
Suitable for two-wheeled motorcycles: suitable for all kinds of two-wheeled motor vehicles.

Motorcycle tpms


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