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Multifunction LED camping lantern

A Led camping lantern is essential for any camper or backpacker who spends time at night. Portable lanterns provide a sense of security and comfort.

Multifunction LED camping lantern


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LED Camping lantern's product details

  • Color: Green

  • Size: 95*170*140mm

  • Material: Plastic

  • Light source type: one XPE LED,150-160lumens

  • Button function: 100%-50%-100%-OFF

  • COB: 11000-13000MCD

  • COB life time: 100000hours

  • Side lights: 16PCS COB,100lumens, can be used as a camping lantern thanks to the side light.

  • Power source: battery-powered, AA*3PCS(not included)

  • Convenient carry: Carrying strap supplied for convenient carrying. The adjustable shoulder strap and rotatable handle on the rechargeable lantern are suitable for you to use and carry outdoors.

  • Usage: Ideal for camping, workshops, hiking,fishing, hunting, and power outages.

Are lanterns suitable for camping?

Traveling with a camping torch is essential camping gear. While purchasing, we ask many questions, and the answers are varied. Which LED camping light will meet all your needs?

What to look for in the best LED camping lanterns?

LED lights that run on batteries have many considerations.

Is your camping light powered by a reusable bone battery, lithium-ion battery, or solar power? What is the battery life? How affordable and accessible is it?


Every time we go on a trek or go camping, we check the weather, but it is still fickle. Whenever it rains, you need a camping light that can withstand light rain, if not torrential downpours.


It would help to consider this aspect when choosing an emergency camping light. You need a light with an impressive beam if you are going on a trek.

If you need to hang it in your tent, buy something that provides enough visibility, so you don't trip over it. Look at the LED's lumens specification before buying a camping lantern.


It is always possible to drop a lantern in the woods, mountains, or beach. You should purchase a camping light that can withstand falls and won't break. Therefore, you should buy a camping light that can withstand falls and won't hurt.

Ensure it is of shock-resistant material and not just plastic. You may want to consider a rubber or metal body LED light for your trip.

Size & Weight

During a backpacking trip, you might not want to carry a heavy torch or a lantern that you will need to hold in your hand the entire time.

Look for something small yet valuable, so you can easily fit it into your bag and hang it wherever you need it.


Invest in a long-lasting LED lantern. When you plan a trip, you don't want a light that you will have to replace every time.

The Features

With new technologies and innovations come new features. Look for the features that your camping lantern has. And do not underestimate the power of a rechargeable camping light. They have many features, like handles and hooks, SOS, and a power bank. Find out what best suits your need and then purchase the product.

We have reason to believe a camping lantern is the best route to take, and here's why:

1. LIGHTWEIGHT. The lighter the weight of the work lamp, the more versatile it can be, whether it be to light up the card table or take it for your bathroom break.

2. USER-FRIENDLY. All you have to do is switch it on, and the light is available.

3. SAFE. Lanterns with flames always have a small risk of causing a fire, but rechargeable lanterns don't require a babysitter.

4. CONVENIENT. Hang it, and continue with your adventures into the night.

Why should you use lights when camping outside?

They provide light in the dark.

While camping outside, so many times, we need light in the darkness. Camping can do in the forest or the mountains, usually without electricity. If you take rechargeable lights with you, they will provide you with light whenever you need them. If you are going to find something at night in the forest or the mountains, you should need light because, without it, you can't see anything in the darkness of night. So, take lights with you while camping as they will provide light whenever you need it, save you from falling because of darkness, and provide you with clear vision at night.

They help you find your way around the campsite.

Camping lanterns don't just provide light—they can also help you find your way around the campsite. A camping lantern can be a lifesaver if you're looking for the bathroom or trying to find your tent in the dark. Just make sure to keep it in a safe place, so it doesn't get lost!

They can signal for help.

Lanterns can use as signals for help in an emergency. The light from the lantern will be visible for miles, making it easier for rescuers to find you. When hiking in remote areas, it's always a good idea to bring a camping lantern.

They add ambiance to your campsite.

After a long day hike, a camping lantern adds much-needed ambiance to your campsite, making it the perfect place to relax. After a long day hike, a camping lantern adds much-needed air to your camp, making it the ideal place to relax.

Make fun

Camping outside is so much fun; people love doing it with their family or friends. While camping, everyone prepares a complete backpack they take with them. So, you should keep a portable bright camping light for an emergency in your bag while going on outside camping.

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