Oil filter strap wrench

With this multi-purpose adjustable belt strap wrench, you can use it for jar openers, PVC junctions, bottles, and many other objects.

Oil filter strap wrench


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Accessible to use- designed with an anti-slip helical burr, more convenient for you to use. Sturdy material belt and is not easy to break. More durable, also hard to get rusted, provides long-life use experience. The adjustable strap wrench can handle objects of varying sizes, making it an ideal tool for those who need to work with various things. The oil filter strap wrench can use on automobiles, tractors, oil filters, glue joints, shower heads, fuel filters, jar openers, PVC junctions, bottles, faucets, water filters, sinks, taps, and many more objects. How to use an oil filter strap wrench? The oil filter strap wrench is a type of wrench used to loosen tight bolts. It has a looped end that wraps around the bolt and a strap on the other back that tightens when pressure is applied. To use an oil filter strap wrench, cover the looped end of the wrench around the bolt. Then, draw the strap by pulling it with one hand while holding onto the looped end with your other hand.

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