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Portable LED camping lantern

Lightweight lantern easily collapses into a small size and pack in a backpack or emergency kit. Even children can use it! Perfect for camping.

Portable LED camping lantern


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LED Camping Lantern

Color: Sliver main body, Blacktop, bottom, and handle

Size: 21*13*13CM

Lamp body: ABS, battery box: PS

Number of LEDs: 30LEDs

LED brightness: 30*1200MCD

Batteries: 3 AAA batteries (not included)

LED lantern is great for various uses, including camping, office, household, and many more.

The lantern comes with a built-in compass on top. It contains a rotary switch to adjust brightness. There is a 180-degree rotating easy-grip carrying handle.

Any experienced camper knows that a quality camping lantern is one of the essential tools for a successful outdoor adventure. Having a trustworthy lantern has many benefits, from lighting your way in the dark to providing much-needed illumination during an unexpected power outage.

Traditionally, the classic campground lighting has been a gas-powered lantern with glass windows, but often these lanterns are light, quiet, and painfully hot to the touch.

However, thanks to new advances in LED lighting technology, campers now have plenty of modern options. Unfortunately, the vast amount of lanterns on the market can make finding the right one more complicated than it looks.

Before you begin shopping, you must consider many factors, including your type of camper and the type of trips you'll take.

Keep reading to learn how to choose the perfect lantern to bring your camping experience to a new light!

Types of Camping Lanterns

The first step to selecting the suitable camping lantern for you is to figure out which type is best suited for your camping style.

The three main types of lanterns are electric, fuel-burning, and candle lanterns. Each type has its purpose and advantages, so knowing the specifics of each will help you narrow down the myriad of options available.

Electric Lanterns

Virtually all electric lanterns are battery-powered and use LED, or light-emitting diode, technology.

These lanterns were designed to improve the original gas-powered lantern and offer a host of advantages over their predecessor, including a better light output, longer running time, less noise, and decreased amounts of exhaust. Since they're heat-free, electric lanterns are much safer for children and pets.

In addition to LED lanterns, the electric lanterns category also encompasses solar lanterns, battery-powered lanterns, and rechargeable lanterns. These lanterns are usually durable, compact, and lightweight compared to older versions, making them the best options for most campers (especially backpackers looking for something that won't weigh them down).

Fuel-Burning Lanterns

Fuel-burning lanterns are the traditional type of camping lantern, and many experienced campers still swear by them today. They can run on a variety of different fuel sources including liquid fuel, propane, and butane.

The main advantage of fuel-burning lanterns is a light intensity that's hard to beat. When you need to light up an entire campsite, there's no topping the lumens put out by a gas-powered lantern. They're also better for cold weather camping or car camping where weight and bulkiness aren't an issue.

Unfortunately, fuel-burning lanterns have many downsides that have turned many campers in favor of the more modern electric lantern. In addition to their bulky size and weight, these lanterns are extremely dangerous to use in tents or other small spaces without ample ventilation, as they emit toxic fumes. Since fuel-burning lanterns also generate a lot of flammable heat materials, children shouldn't use them.

That said, fuel-powered lanterns are still an excellent option for many campers who require a brighter, more intense light source. They are also very effective as emergency lanterns.

Candle Lanterns

Although many consider them outdated, candle lanterns still have unique benefits relative to other lantern types. Candle lanterns generate their light using a candle inside the lantern body.

These lanterns create a soft, quiet light ideal for close-up tasks or giving your campsite a pleasant sense of ambiance. The light output is minimal, and they run the same risks as fuel-burning lanterns in generating ample and potentially dangerous heat.

Which other factors to consider?

It's time to take other important factors to find one that will meet your needs.

Size and Weight

Backpackers will want to opt for more miniature LED lanterns with more compact designs, while gas-powered and candle lanterns tend to be heavier in weight and bulkier in size.


The primary purpose of a camping lantern is to provide adequate light output, and different lanterns offer differing brightness levels. A lantern's lumens indicate how bright and intense its light is.

However, a higher maximum light output often means decreased efficiency and shorter battery life or burning time. Most campers only require anywhere from 100 to 200 lumens, but larger groups may need up to 400 lumens to get enough light.

While fuel-powered lighters tend to shine the brightest, plenty of electric lanterns work just as well without running the risk of catching fire or emitting harmful fumes.


An ideal camping lantern can persist through even the most challenging and rugged conditions without leaving you in the dark.

It's essential to find a lantern made of solid and high-quality materials designed to withstand the outdoors. Many campers also require a water-resistant or waterproof lantern that can get wet without damage. Ultimately, you want a lantern that will stay in top condition and last you as long as possible.

Additional Features

Modern camping lanterns can perform various functions in addition to the emitted light.

These can include light adjustability, hanging hooks, additional light settings, a compass, and even USB ports to charge phones and other devices. The features listed above may play just as much of a role in your decision as the factors mentioned above if you're looking for something high-tech.

Enjoy exploring the outdoors with your new lantern!

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