Promotion umbrella

The umbrella is semi-automatic designed. It is easy to operate in one hand. You can automatically open it in just one second to avoid get wet in rain. This black umbrella does not slip, it is pleasant and comfortable to hold in one hand. EVA handle fits perfectly in your hand for grip and is easy to carry. The handle of the umbrella looks stylish and elegant. The umbrella was made of high quality PG fiber, durably to use for a long time. It is pleasant to the touch, has a waterproof effect and dries very quickly. You only need to shake gently after closing the umbrella, then all the drops will gone. Our umbrella has 8 spokes and fiberglass frame which is a perfect combination of reliance, ease construction, practicality, and beautiful appearance. Aluminum alloy central shaft making the umbrella strong sturdy and windproof. It won’t be broken in heavy rain.

Promotion umbrella


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