Rooftop cross bars

Aluminium crossbars are lightweight, robust, and corrosion-resistant. A secure locking system prevents theft of roof crossbars.

Rooftop cross bars


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You might be thinking that buying a roof rack.

What are car roof rails used?

Roof rails are a common component of a car roof. However, not all cars have luggage carriers. They usually appear on SUVs or MPVs as two sturdy crosswise metals on the top.

Types of roof racks for cars

Roof rails come in at least two different types. The first one resembles an inverted "C." A rail's legs are attached to the roof of a car, while the fence itself forms an arc. Rails form an arch when their legs connect to the top of a vehicle. This car usually has a few inches of space between the roof and the fence. This car usually has a few inches of space between the ceiling and the rail. Second, there is the flush-mounted roof rail, in which there is no gap between the roof and the fence, making them appear attached.

The use of roof racks

Aluminum roof racks serve a purpose and aren't just decorative. Aluminum roof racks serve a purpose and aren't just cosmetic. The car's roof can be a buffer fence to secure equipment or luggage. Having this installed lets, you not worry about overloading your car's trunk; instead, you can store some of your equipment on the roof.

Luggage carriers in cars are beneficial for drivers, especially when they need to carry stuff up on the roof. Rather than using a rope to attach equipment to the top, it provides a more robust holder.

There are a variety of applications -It doesn't matter if you're taking a road trip, biking, or kayaking; you'll need a car roof rack. Rooftop cross bars for cars are often flimsy and break on the road, posing a severe safety threat. The roof rack sturdily constructs out of highly durable, non-rusting, aircraft-grade aluminum, with heavy-duty locking clamps and a fixed design that secures your load.

Fit any vehicle - Many roof bars that claim to be universal don't fit more expansive roofs - a frustrating inconvenience. Any vehicle can equip with our car luggage rack. Both raised and flush side rails are compatible with our car luggage carrier clamps. Hence, securing this cargo roof luggage carrier to your vehicle is easier & faster.

Quick & easy installation-This luggage roof racks set includes everything you need to install. You can store your bicycle, tent, top of a car & more! Our luggage carrier for SUVs, sedans, and vans is perfect for campers, bikers, kayakers, surfers, Road trippers, and van lifers. Also, a car luggage carrier is ideal for moving, whether moving to a new house or relocating your teen to college. Whether you're a cyclist, a camper, a kayaker, or a traveler, this would make a great gift!

How do roof rails and roof racks differ?

For example, the roof rails of a car are attached to the roof by feet or other mounts, whereas the roof racks connect across the roof. Crossbars and other accessories like cargo boxes, ski racks, and cargo carriers attach to roof rails.

When expanding your vehicle's cargo capacity, you should consider roof rails, cross bars, and roof racks. You can put any odd-shaped cargo that won't fit inside—or that's dirty, and you don't want inside—up and out of the way and still have all your interior room. You can attach a secure, weatherproof cargo carrier or a rooftop attachment for kayaks, surfboards, snowboards, skis, fishing rods, bicycles, or anything else.

It's best to remove roof rails and racks when you're not using them frequently because they'll cost you a few MPG in wind resistance. Modern aero bars have much less wind resistance than square or round bars, but the best area bars are more expensive. They also tend to have convenient quick-release towers that mount semi-permanently to attachment points built into your car's roof.

Some vehicles come with roof rails, making installing a rooftop luggage carrier or cross bars much easier, and you can almost always order one with them already in place. The downside is you may have a more limited selection of aftermarket crossbars or even lock into the manufacturer or dealer for accessories.

Before shopping for roof rack cross bars, you'll need to know what width you need; and your vehicle's capacity.

When you have a large family, use your vehicle for work, or enjoy exploring the great outdoors in your car. We guide you to learn how to install a roof rack with a few roof rack installation tips and tricks.

1. Evaluate your car

2. Identify the parts of a roof rack

3. Raised rail Installation

4. Track system installation

5. Bare roof installation

6. A roof rack will allow you to carry various items.

Water sports equipment like kayaks, canoes, surfboards, and water skis

Snow sports equipment, including skis, poles

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