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Scorpion S3 ebike

Scorpion bike with every modern convenience give you a comfortable, enjoyable, safe ride. You can carry it on public transportation and store it in small spaces.

Scorpion S3 ebike

Scorpion S3

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Scorpion bike

Should you consider how to choose before you buy an electric bike? Learn to find one that's right for you.

Let us talk about an e-bike. Here are our Scorpion bike Scorpion S3 Folding electric bike specifications.

Frame: 20" AL FRAME With Patent Lock

Shock Fork: M-38 20",MOZO Front suspation Fork

Fender: Stell fender,painting same as frame colour

Tire: INNOVA TIRE 20"*3.00

Alloy wheel motor: alloy wheel rim 48V/400W

Stem: Adjust alloy stem

Grip: Argormamic grip

Front & rear brake: Mechanics Brake

Crank:  prowheel double wall 52T

Shifter/Derailleur/Freewheel: SHIMANO 6 gear

Pedal: Foladable TUV approve

Saddle: Comfort big saddle

Carrier: Alloy

Rear light: Jäger Bike RL810 + 48VDC

Front light: Jager Bike D-022 48V

Charger: 54.6V/2A. (ATN)

Battery: 48V/16AH ,G9 pantent lock

Display: Jager Bike S6 Display

Controlller: 48V/15A

Carton: 5 layer

Why would you want an electric bicycle?

You may prefer an electric bicycle over a pedal-driven bike for various reasons.

You live in a hilly area.

Your mobility is limited, or you need to be more fit.

From an intersection, you'd like to take off more easily.

You would like to switch from a car to a bike (to avoid traffic jams, parking easier, reduce emissions, and lower costs) without being limited to short or flat rides.

You want to avoid getting sweaty if your workplace has shower facilities.

Public transportation is something other than what you want to use.

How should you choose an electric bike?

You'll want a cargo bike if you need a bike for carrying groceries or passengers. You'll need a commuter bike if you're going to get to and from work. You'll need a mountain bike if you want to go mountain biking.

A motor with a power range of 200 to 250 watts (W) must be registered and licensed before being ridden on Australian roads.

The store should ask what you intend to use for the electric bike. For some, it will replace their car or public transportation, while others will use it for fun on weekends. The aesthetics of your electric bicycle will matter to some, while it might not matter to others.

All bike stores know you are parting with a large chunk of change when you borrow a bike for a trial ride, so don't just try one. You can borrow a bike from a good bike store for up to a week to get a feel for it.

What is the best way to ride an electric bike?

Pedaling an electric bike is similar to pedaling a bicycle - you will still need to steer, brake, and pedal.

Electric bikes allow you to ride faster and longer without exerting much effort since the motor adds additional power to your pedal. Depending on your needs and the conditions, the engine can adjust to give you the proper assistance.

Due to their heavier weight and higher speeds, electric bikes require good braking technique, good hazard perception, and safe cornering.

What is the weight of an electric bike?

It doesn't matter whether you convert your existing bike to an electric bike or buy a ready-made electric bike; you'll end up with a heavier set of wheels - some ready-made bicycles exceed 30kg in weight. You may need a bike rack that can handle the extra weight if you want to transport your electric bike by a car. Because each electric bicycle will vary based on your selected options, we cannot reliably list its weight in our test results. More batteries, lights, and panniers will add kilos (and price) to your final purchase. You're less likely to find it on the retailer's website except as an indicator - so give them a call to find out how much the electric bike will weigh when you're buying online.

Some height restrictions exist on electric bikes, even though they are gaining traction in the cycle market. Electric bikes are generally for riders of average height, and there are only a few specifically designed for taller people, so taller riders may have limited options. For taller or heavier riders, more robust and larger frames and tires will need.

What are the steps for charging an electric bike?

Most electric bikes come with a battery charger and removable battery pack. To charge your electric bike, remove the battery pack, connect the charger to a mains outlet, then plug in the battery pack.

According to expectations, the batteries will last for about 500 charges, and you should budget for a replacement every three years. Depending on their size, replacements cost between $350 and $1000.

If you charge only partially, this is not a full charge; it is a fraction of the total cost. For proper battery charge maintenance, check the manual. It is recommended by many shops to only order the bike to full but to run it on a mid-charge and not completely drain the battery.

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