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Smart battery charger

Car battery charger made of high-quality ABS, multi-protects of short circuit/overload/ polarity reverse, avoid overcharge and discharge.

Smart battery charger


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Did you ever take a break from driving your car for a long time? Did you notice that starting your vehicle took more time? Would you like a convenient and reliable way to charge your car's battery? An automatic car battery charger is the perfect solution for you.

Portable smart charger with LCD


-Material: ABS

-Color: black&red

-Charging mode: Automatic

-Input voltage/frequency: AC 220V-240V; 50/60HZ

-Output voltage/current: 12V 2/6/10A; 24V 2/6A

-Charging AMPS: 12V 2/6/10A24V 2/6A

-Certification: CE/ROHS

-Maximum charging current: maximum current 1.39A under 230V regulated power supply

-Under 220V city voltage, the maximum current is 1.18A

-Power: 144W

-The product is with a temperature controller. When the temperature reaches the limit value, the current will automatically reduce, and the average charging current will restore after the temperature drops.

-The length of the input power line and the output clip line is 1.5M

-Charing program: 9 stages

1. Diagnosis

2. Desulphation

3. Pre-charge

4. Soft start

5. Constant current (CC1;CC2;CC3)

6. Constant voltage

7. Resting

8. Recond

9. Restoring


-Fully automatic

-For charging the 6V-12V lead-acid batteries

-High-frequency charging de-sulfates batteries and lengthens battery life

-Charges conventional wet, deep cycle, AGM, and gel batteries used in cars, trucks, farm equipment, RVs, boats, and commercial vehicles

Insulated clamps grip securely

-Input&output copper cables

-Fully protection: Short circuit, reverse polarity, overload, overheat protection

-Sturdy Heavy-duty case, no-nonsense controls, bright, clear, easy-to-read LED status lights, and LED scrolling digital messaging display screen.

What is the car battery charger?

Chargers for car batteries are essential for maintaining the health and performance of your vehicle's battery. It helps to keep the battery in good condition by charging it when necessary, preventing it from becoming overcharged or drained. Car battery chargers come in different sizes and types, so you can choose one that best suits your needs. They are also easy to use and can be on conventional lead-acid and newer gel-cell batteries. With a car battery charger, you can ensure your vehicle's battery is always ready for action whenever needed.

An automatic battery charger is a must if you own a car. Here are three reasons why you need an automatic car battery charger:

1. Reliability: Automatic car chargers provide consistent charging so your vehicle's battery remains in optimal condition. With an automatic battery charger, you can quickly charge your car's battery without worrying about manually monitoring the charging process or overcharging the battery.

2. Convenience: Automatic car battery chargers allow you to charge your vehicle's battery without manually monitoring the process.

3. Effective: To keep your battery healthy and energized, an intelligent charger observes your battery's status and provides a charge when necessary. This way, you can ensure your vehicle is always ready to go and prevent internal damage caused by a drained battery.

4. Cost Savings: An automatic charger helps you save money on replacing batteries by allowing them to last longer and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

5. Safety: The smart charger keeps your battery charged and reduces the chances of getting stuck on the road.

When buying a battery charger, what should I look for?

A battery charger should take several factors into account.

First, determine your vehicle's battery; most cars have lead-acid batteries, while RVs have deep-cycle batteries.

Second, decide if you want a manual or automatic charger and how much power you need (powerful chargers recharge batteries faster).

Third, you'll need to determine how much you want to spend on the battery charger.

It helps to look into its charging speed, safety features, and portability.

Finally, it is essential to check whether it has additional features like temperature control or trickle charging.

What are the benefits of buying a car battery charger?

A car battery charger not only can it helps you in an emergency, but it can also preserve the health of your battery for long-term use. The battery charger is handy if you live in a cold-weather climate, work from home, or have a vehicle you do not use frequently. The battery drains a little every day that your car does not turn on. If you store your vehicle for a month or season, you may find that it won't start when you return. Suppose you attach an automatic battery charger to your battery during this period. It will fill in the power difference daily, ensuring you return to a fully charged battery.

A battery charger is worth the investment as it will always keep your devices fully charged.

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