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Smart battery maintainer

Smart battery maintainer, precisely when your vehicle is used irregularly or seasonally, can be connected to your battery for a long time.

Smart battery maintainer


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The purpose of an automotive battery charger is to provide power to the battery so that the car's engine can start.

Here are our intelligent battery charger's details.

-Material: ABS+PC

-Color: Red+black

-Input voltage/frequency: 220-240VAC, 50HZ, 0.6A

-Output voltage/current: 6/12V, 1~4A

-Battery capacity: 10AH-140AH

-Applied Battery: 6V/12V, AGM and GEL Batteries

-Waterproof: IP65

-Include: smart charger with LCD for charging programs, voltage value and charge status, with backlight, with Euro plug and standard battery clip


-Battery Charger: Specially designed for 6V/12V battery, 1-4A charging current.

-LCD Display: Using a backlit LCD, it clearly and visibly displays charging voltage, current, battery type, charging mode, and remaining power percentage. It allows you to easily use the trickle charger in the dark and at night. With two alligator pliers wrapped all over, easy to identify positive and negative and connect.

-Safety to use: The product has overcurrent, overvoltage, overtemperature protection, reverse polarity protection, and a battery repair function.

-Versatile Battery Charger & Maintainer --- Automatically or Manually dual way adjusts the charge current and maintainability. Automatically switching from fast charge to top-off, then to trickle charge.

-Flexible Charging Mode --- With winter mode for 12V standard and AGM., which can detect the temperature and switch to the appropriate voltage automatically enables optimal battery charging without fear of overcharging.

-Multiple Protection --- Built-in protection can be left connected to your battery for extended periods when your vehicle is not being used without risk of damage to the battery or charger as it has in-built protection. It also has protection against short circuits and bad connections and will automatically restart.

-Wide use: The auto battery charger is suitable for 6V and 12V batteries. You can use it for batteries in Cars, trucks, motorcycles, Lawn Mowers, boats, RVs, SUVs, ATVs, and More.


1. Keep the instructions. There are significant safety and operating instructions in this manual.

2. Keep out of reach of children.

3. Do not expose the car & Motorcycle battery charger to rain or snow.

4. The battery charger manufacturer may not recommend or sell attachments that can cause fire, electric shock, or injury.

5. To prevent damage, disconnect the charger by pulling the plug rather than the cord.

6. It is not necessary to use an extension cord unless it is necessary. Electric shock and fire can result from improper extension cord use. When using an extension cord, make sure:

• Extension cord plugs have the same number, size, and shape of pins as plug-on chargers.

• Maintain the extension cord properly.

• The wire size is large enough to handle the charger's AC amperage rating.

7. Replace a damaged cord or plug immediately. Do not operate a charger with a damaged cord or plug.

8. In the event of a sharp blow, a drop, or any other type of damage, it must take to a qualified service member.

9. Take the charger to a qualified service member when it needs service or repair. Electric shock or fire can result from incorrect reassembly.

10. Unplug the charger before maintenance or cleaning to avoid electric shock. This risk cannot reduce by turning off controls.

How to choose the most suitable battery charger?

1. Confirm the input voltage acceptable to the battery charger.

2. Confirm battery type.

3. Decide the charging voltage, current, and charging time design according to the battery specifications.

4. Cooling process and capability of the battery charger.

There are three reasons why everyone needs a portable battery charger.

Any responsible car owner needs a car battery charger in their toolkit. Your car might work now, but you want to wait until your car won't starts. The following are a few reasons to buy an auto battery charger.

1. Time and money saver

One of the primary reasons why vehicles break down is a dead battery. An intelligent battery charger can revive a dead battery and save time and money.

An intelligent charger monitors the battery's status. Once a possible defect or anomaly observe, the charger then begins to correct the defect. It ensures the battery remains in working condition for longer, saving you money on costly repairs and replacements.

2. Safer to use

Intelligent battery chargers don't just charge a dead battery; they can also recondition old ones, extending service life. Smart charging is safer, more economical, and more efficient.

3. Shockproof

One reason why traditional chargers are less safer than smart chargers is the possibility of electric shocks and sparks occurring. The car battery may explode, or people might electrocute. If the worst happens, serious injuries are to expect.

Smart car battery chargers have inbuilt safeguards that prevent electric shocks and sparks from occurring. For instance, some chargers avoid the occurrence of polarity reversal, rendering them practically immune to short-circuiting and spark formation. Smart chargers can detect whether the wrong end of the cord is attached to the battery post. Traditional chargers usually spark when this happens, but smart chargers stop working when this happens.

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