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Sofa chair

Oversized outdoor chairs supply you the extreme softness. Our folding camping chair is the ideal solution for you. The sofa chair is big.

Sofa chair


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Our Camping moon chair

Color: Black

Material: 600D Oxford Fabric with stainless steel frame. This moon-shaped chair is stable and sturdy with its steel frame. The premium oxford fabric is easy to clean and maintain.

Comfortable seating experience: Our moon chair ergonomically designs to provide an oversized seat for comfortable sitting. The portable Camping Chair has widened, giving space for more prominent, heavier people. And the combination of cotton and breathable oxford fabric will make you feel cozy and comfortable even on a hot summer day. High backrests and armrests offer you extra support.

Folding design for portability: This collapsible model is so practical that you can fold it up and close it in seconds. The camping chair is small in size and lightweight. A handle and a carry bag make it easy to carry and transport. Also, it could store conveniently in a small space. The folded camping chair can also easily fit into a carry bag when not used.

Capacity: A maximum weight load of 250kg could use for a long.

No assembly required: You need to quickly pop up our folding camp chair when you receive it. Put the outdoor chair in the bag when you're not using it, and it won't get dusty. When you are tired, it can open immediately without waiting a long time.

Usage: The folding camping chair could use for your leisure life. Soft and oversized design is best for you to use for outdoor activities, patio, beach, camping, hiking, lawn, picnic, fishing, sports indoor-outdoor, or other places you want to use.

There's no point camping if you don't have a moon folding camp chair to sit on. When you sleep on a rock while backpacking alone in the mountains, some support for your bum can make a big difference to your comfort.

Camping chairs are essential, but unfortunately, you can't bring along your favorite armchair from your living room -a camping chair needs to be portable.

To achieve this, look for folding camping chairs compact enough to fit in your car or campervan, along with the other gear we all seem to accumulate.

What are Moon Chairs?

A moon chair has a rounded seat. In addition to having a broad base and collapsible legs, this type of chair is easy to transport for indoor and outdoor use. A moon chair's circular seat cups your body when you sit, allowing you to recline partially.

An adventure along the trail or away from camp deserves a comfortable resting place. In recent years, chair designers have gone a little wild, so you have plenty of choices.

Consider the following factors when choosing a camp chair:

End use: The critical stats for backpacking are weight and packed size. Front country camping is all about comfort.

End use: More oversized chairs are better if you need a lot of space. Concerts and uneven terrain make low chairs ideal. It is easier to get into and out of high chairs.

Design preference: Options include classic, two-legged, three-legged, rocker, glider, and more. If an innovative chair is intriguing, give it a sit test before you buy it.

How to choose a camp chair

The classic camp chair: It has four legs (or a broad, stable base), a straight back, and a flat seat. Folding moon chairs, for example, are affordable, durable, and high enough to allow you to sit down and stand up comfortably.

Low chairs: Aside from being less tippy on sand or uneven ground, low chairs are also a good choice for outdoor concerts. If you're fidgety, you'll enjoy rocking or gliding. These styles work best on even ground.

Suspended chairs: This newer design allows you to swing a little because you break from the frame; uneven ground won't be an issue. This more contemporary design will enable you to hang a little because you suspend from the edge; uneven ground won't be an issue.

Scoop chairs: Chairs without a distinct back and seat. With a lightweight camp chair, you can find a good compromise between comfort and weight.

Three-legged chairs: Camp stools are the simplest; others with a seat and a back will weigh less than their four-legged counterparts, but they won't be relatively as stable.

Two-legged chairs: Although they have fans, chairs with this design are an acquired taste. You can save weight and rock by using your feet as the chair's front feet. If you kick back too far, you may pitch over backward.

Other considerations when choosing camping chairs

  • Materials: Backpacking chairs might contain ultralight components and high-quality frame and fabric materials.

  • Capacity: Not all chairs support the same weight, so check this spec if you plan to camp with a lot of gear.

  • Extras: Cup holders, footrests,  headrests, lumbar pads, breathable mesh panels, and more can enhance comfort.

  • Complexity: Some chairs can be opened and plopped down; others, often those with multiple hubs, may require some time to assemble.

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