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Soft plush blanket

Fast-drying beach towel is made from ultra-soft microfiber, which is highly absorbent and dehydrates quickly. Extremely durable and comfortable.

Soft plush blanket


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Take these stylish beach blankets to the beach, and you'll have a cozy space to enjoy the seaside! It is Soft and Durable. A super compact size gives you more room to share, and a larger size gives you more room to carry around.

Start a happy journey with the beach blanket! The beach mat can be used everywhere and is suitable for beach, picnic, hiking, parks, family, camping, and vacation activities with family and friends. The best blanket is placed on the ground or propped up to shield the sunshine and rain.

Soft plush blanket


Material:250g 100% polyester



Extra-large: Each blanket is 100x180CM, making it large enough for multiple people. With its super large size, you can stretch out without moving all your gear to the sand and enjoy your time by the water. A beach mat will be a good choice when planning a trip with your family, friends, or dog. 

Oversized beach towels are perfect for relaxing on the sand with family or friends or for beachgoers who like their towels extra-large.

Perfect quality: The mat's material is 100% polyester. There is a soft and comfortable texture, and the density is good. The sheet-style blankets also stitch for maximum strength and durability. This picnic blanket build to last! Easy to be cleaned and dry quickly after being wet.

Compact&lightweight: Hit the beach with ease. Our advanced fabric technology makes for a compact, lightweight towel that is easy to carry from home to the surf. Just roll it up and go!

Multifunctional beach blanket: Pack your blanket and bring it on your next hike, picnic, or camping trip. This large sheet-style blanket is an essential accessory for all outdoor adventures!

Why do you need a beach blanket?

The following are some reasons why you need a beach blanket:

Comfort – Large beach mats provide you comfort because they help you keep dry. The fabric feels so smooth on the skin if you relax on these blankets because it's cling-free.

Versatility: Beach blankets can wrap you after dipping, lounge on, cover your stuff, or make a car seat cover during drives.

Portability: Bringing bulky and heavy blankets can weigh you down, and it's one thing that lightweight beach blankets address. These beach blankets are very easy to fold and portable to carry around. Instead of carrying heavy blankets, roll them up and tuck them into your beach bag.

Can you think of anything you'll forget to pack for the beach?

I bet you've been to the beach, got everything set up, and realized that you forgot to pack something.

Beach towel/blanket.

Beach bag.



Flip flops.


Sunscreen/after sun.



You can't go wrong by bringing a large blanket to the beach. This way, beach towels can use for drying off, and you can use the blanket to lie on instead. Also, blankets are usually heavier than beach towels, making them easier to keep flat on the sand. We've all had a towel blow away on the beach, and it's never fun to retrieve it and re-do your setup.

How are beach blankets and beach towels different?

There are differences between beach blankets and towels in terms of materials, fabric treatments, and sizes. Beach towels are soft and absorbent. Furthermore, most oversized beach towels fit one person or a child. In addition to polyester, fleece, parachute nylon, and microfiber, beach blankets may also have fabric treatments that make them water-resistant and relatively sand-proof. Beach blankets are also larger than towels and can share by many people.

3 Reasons to Take A Blanket, not A Towel, to the Beach This Summer.

1. More useful than beach towels

Blankets are more versatile than towels. Towels can't use as a blanket. There are so many uses for blankets that they are more adaptable than towels, such as for picnics, for sitting on at concerts, or even for covering yourself up if it starts raining unexpectedly. You can use a blanket to sit on, cover-up, or even lie on the beach.

2. Larger than beach towels

Don't let your head or your feet stick into the sand. Instead, stay on your blanket, which is significantly larger than your beach towel. The covering can also accommodate more than one person.

3. More comfortable than beach towels

There is nothing more comfortable and cozier than a blanket. Blankets also provide more comfort, warmth, and protection from the sun than towels do. Stretch out and enjoy endless comfort in the sand and the surf this summer.

As soon as the weather warms up, everybody wants to relax and spend time at the beach in the sun. Who doesn't love to lay down on an extra-large blanket and enjoy the sunshine like a happy, lazy sunbathing dog?

To make the most of this experience, we recommend getting the best beach blanket - the key to your comfort and stress-free relaxation.

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