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Storage tire display rack

For space-saving storage and effortless transport of heavy tyres after changing the wheels. No deformation of the tyres when pressure is lost.

Storage tire display rack


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Tire holder


Material: Aluminum alloy holder, iron handle, iron bottom, PP wheels

Size: 72X29X11.5CM

Net weight: 7KGS


With three wheels, you can move the stand easily

Can be bear the weight for 100KGS total

Front wheel with lock system, pressed and locked

Easy to mount and demount

For storage of wheel and recreational tires

For all conventional wheels suitable, with tires measuring up to 225 mm

What is the mobile tire stand?

A tire stand wheel rack is a convenient and versatile tool that can help you easily store and transport your tires. It is designed with a handle to make it easier to move around, and the wheels are adjustable to fit any tire. The wheel rack also has a locking mechanism that helps keep the tires secure while in transit. With its sturdy construction and easy maneuverability, the tire stand wheel rack with handle is an essential tool for any automotive enthusiast or professional who needs to transport or store their tires safely and securely. With this car tire storage rack, you can keep your tires in one place and ensure they are always ready when needed.

What is the best way to store tires?

Your seasonal tires may need to be changed as the seasons change. Winter tires or summer tires, it's essential to think about how you store your off-season tires.

You can change them by a professional or do it yourself in your garage. After removing tires from your vehicle, you must know how to store them.

Their characteristics can change if you don't handle and store your tires. Follow the storage guide and get the most out of your tires:

1. Clean

Before storing tires, clean them with detergent, water, and a tire brush. As a result, a season's worth of road grime and brake dust will remove. If you store your tires on wheels, you should also clean them. Before moving on, make sure they are scorched.

2. No dressing is required

Before storing tires, there is no need to apply dressing or gloss products. A tire compound is to resist ozone cracking. More likely, these products will hinder tire longevity than help it.

3. Bag up

Each tire should place in a large, airtight plastic bag. Make sure the bag (and tire) are dry and taped shut. It will reduce the evaporation of rubber compounds' oils by creating an airtight environment. There are also specific tire storage caddies or tire totes available. Using these makes transporting and storing tires easier and helps keep them clean.

4. Keep out of the sun

The sun's heat and UV rays can damage the rubber. It is essential to keep your tires out of direct sunlight when storing them.

5. Decide on a location

Avoid storing tires in the open air, even with protective coverings, in cold or warm weather. Cool, dry, moderately ventilated - and out of the sun. Basements or other climate-controlled spaces are ideal. It is necessary to shield the tires from any heat source in the room. Temperatures, precipitation, and humidity vary widely in garages, sheds, and attics.

6. Stay away from chemicals

Ozone is your number one chemical to avoid. Tires are particularly vulnerable to damage from it. Electric motors that use contact brushes produce ozone.

7. Storage

The three options you have for storing your tires are:

Stand them upright.

Stack them on their sides.

Hang them up on racks or put them in car tire trolleys.

The excellent option for tires on rims is to store them from tire racks or tire stand wheel racks with handles.

What is the advantage of a tire storage rack?

Tire storage racks are a great way to store and organize your tires safely and efficiently.

The advantages of using a tire storage rack include improved safety, easier access to tires, and more organized storage. With these racks, you can store multiple tires in one place without worrying about them becoming damaged or taking up too much space. These racks provide easy access to the tires when they need to be changed or serviced. With the help of a tire storage rack, you can easily keep all your tires organized and secure.

Tire storage racks are an excellent solution for anyone who needs to store tires in an organized and efficient way. Tire storage racks come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different types of tires, allowing you to maximize the space in your garage or shop. With the correct tire storage rack, you can keep your garage clutter-free while still having easy access to the tires you need when you need them.

Whether you're a car enthusiast, auto repair shop, or tire business owner, tire storage racks can help you store and access your tires quickly and easily. Other people need tire storage racks.

1. Speed lovers: it's common for speed lovers who enjoy taking their high-performance sports car out on a real track to store their track-ready tires in the rack at home.

2. Auto DIYers: many car owners like handling automotive maintenance and repair

tasks or enjoy modifying and tinkering with their vehicles. They have a tire

rack in the garage's parking space.

3. Owners of motorcycles and recreational vehicles: owners of street bikes, dirt bikes, or

some type of recreational vehicle (like an ATV) may have spare tires that need

a rack for storage.

4. Vehicle owners with spare tires: some drivers buy a full-size spare tire when they

buy a new set of tires and keep the spare in the tire stand movable with a

handlebar. A proper tire that matches their set is conveniently on hand.

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