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Synthetic chamois

This soft shammy cloth for cars glides smoothly across surfaces leaving no marks. Its sturdy lint-free material in the long run is without shredding.

Synthetic chamois


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PVA chamois


Material: Polyvinyl Alcohol

Size: 43*32cm or 66cm*43cm

Thickness:0.2 cm


-A quick-drying towel that can bear washing in all types of washes.

-Lightweight, easy to fold, very soft to avoid the smell of mold.

-High-quality PVA synthetic chamois cloth, which can be super absorbent.

-A highly durable, versatile product that is suitable for many drying. Applications such as cars, caravans, boats, and around the home.

-Suitable for outside and inside the house, cleaning the kitchen, polishing furniture and surfaces, cleaning the car, and more.

-If the chamois synthetic ever dries out, place it in a bucket or bowl of clean, warm water for around 1 minute, and the product should then be soft and ready to use again.

What is a chamois?

A chamois is a type of natural leather made from the hides of sheep (sheepskin), deer, or goats. Chamois is for cleaning and polishing surfaces. Although they are not as soft as microfiber towels, these towels are very absorbent and soft. The chamois cloth also leaves no streaks or smears on the surface of your car since it is lint-free.

What is PVA cloth?

Polyvinyl Alcohol. Polyvinyl Alcohol, or PVA, is a highly absorbent synthetic material used in this drying cloth. Because it is a giant, flat sponge, it can dry quickly. To make it a better absorber, PVA mimics the composition of a natural sea sponge but with increased efficiency.

What is the benefit of synthetic chamois cloth?

Dries surfaces quickly: Chamois is excellent for rapidly drying wet surfaces.

Leaves behind a shine: When appropriately used, chamois can leave your car with a streak-free shine.

Lasts longer than microfiber: Chamois are more durable than microfiber towels and can last for many years with proper care.

You only need one chamois to dry your car.

How to use a chamois

Shammy or chamois?

People often need clarification when looking for genuine chamois clothes for drying their cars. A chamois is a drying cloth that gives your vehicle a spot-free finish after washing.

Is there a reason to use a chamois?

After a car wash, a chamois cloth is a highly effective tool for drying it. Water should push and absorb off your car to ensure a streak-free finish.

You should dry your car with quality chamois because its surface is smooth and low-abrasive.

Before using the chamois, why should you get it?

Dry chamois is also almost as stiff as cardboard when they are dry. You can apply a supply cloth to your car after wetting the chamois. After rinsing and wringing out, the fabric will readily absorb fluids on your vehicle once it activates.

Chamois: How to make it spotless?

Wash your car

Use a pH-neutral Car Shampoo or Wash and Wax to clean your vehicle thoroughly. Be sure to remove all dirt and grime deposits.

Chamois need rinsing

Make sure you rinse your chamois before using it on your car, regardless of whether it is new or previously used. You are ready to start drying the car after wringing out the chamois.

Wipe your car over with the chamois

Grasp the edges of the chamois closest to you and place them on your paintwork. Draw the chamois toward you in a comprehensive, sweeping motion. It will remove most water from the paintwork, leaving a spotless finish.

Regularly wring out the chamois

After rinsing the cloth, regularly squeeze out any excess moisture to keep the fabric damp.

Make sure your chamois are clean and dry.

Make sure your chamois are thoroughly cleaned and dried. Cleaning the drying cloth in this manner will ensure that any microscopic dirt particles remove and that it lasts for a long time. Hand washes in warm water with a mind detergent. Rinse thoroughly and hang on the line, fully stretched out.

How to clean and store a towel with synthetic chamois?

The chamois should be thoroughly washed with clean soapy water after each use, rinsed, and wrung out repeatedly. Chamois should never wash with soap that not intend for vehicle washing. A little soap left in a chamois won't damage it. Hang a chamois away from direct sunlight to dry. Do not machine wash or tumble dry chamois. Store wet chamois in an airtight bag or damp chamois in the refrigerator.

The chamois will likely become stained if the dirt did not thoroughly rinse and washed off the vehicle. As long as the cloth has thoroughly washed and rinsed, the stains are on the hide itself and are not abrasive; the chamois can use again.

It is essential to clean chamois.

If a chamois is improperly cared for (cleaned with harsh chemicals, degreasing soap, washed in the washing machine, tumbled dry, or dried in the sun), it may exhibit the following characteristics:

1. Leaves streaks on the finish

2. Easily splits, cracks, or develops holes

3. Will not soften when re-wetted

4. Leaves "lint" or particles on the finish

With proper care and maintenance, a genuine natural leather chamois will remain soft, durable, and comfortable for years to come.

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