Synthetic chamois

This soft shammy cloth for cars glides smoothly across surfaces leaving no marks. Its sturdy lint-free material in the long run is without shredding.

Synthetic chamois


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Car wash towels with high quality - the delicate shammy cloth for the car won’t scrape your car’s finish. Easy to use - your car shammy towel dries quickly. Chamois car drying towels are highly durable and designed to last a long time. For best results, wash your car chamois drying towel to remove dirt and grime. Keep your shammy's plastic tube lightly damp to keep it working as new. Exceptional absorbency - mighty cleaner chamois cloths for car care quickly absorb and hold large amounts of water, leaving your car's finish streak-free and spotless. It's great for cleaning spills, too. A drying shammy is like a sponge and a towel combined.

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