Trailer cable set

This 4-pin trailer connector is designed to match industry-standard 4-way flat sockets, provides a male plug for your trailer, and can be used to replace a worn-out, broken wire on a wide variety of trailers.
The 4-way trailer cable and the molded end are thick beefy, and durable for long service life. A heavy-duty jacketed cable is going to protect the 18AWG red copper wires against the elements.
The 4-pin trailer wiring plug is well built and plugs into the tow vehicle easily and remains connected. 10ft wire is long enough to wire a trailer from the start and provides plenty of extra length for a flexible installation.
Color-coded wires ensure a simple installation, you can easily splice them into existing trailer wiring to connect the taillights, brake lights, and turn signals.

Trailer cable set


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