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Water resistant motorcycle cover

Fold the portable cover to a tiny size and store it in the bag. Your water-resistant motorbike cover is always with you, no matter where you go.

Water resistant motorcycle cover


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Material: Water-resistant fabric, this cover has double-edge seams and a strong elasticized hem to provide a snug fit.

Color: Grey

Include: Supplied with a handy storage bag

Usage: Will fit most motorcycles

Resistant to: Rain, UV sun rays, snow & ice

Protects motorcycle against: This water-resistant motorcycle cover protects motorcycles from dust, dirt, tree sap, bird droppings, and industrial pollutants, as well as rain, snow, and ice.

Why motorbike cover protects your motorcycle stored outside?

The first and primordial reason is to keep your bike dry! Riding a motorcycle with a wet saddle reduces comfort and therefore driving pleasure. And what's the point of riding a motorcycle if the fun isn't there? In addition to being unpleasant while driving, ending up with wet pants that stick to your skin for hours is just as unpleasant! If you're driving a sports car, it's even worse because you'll have to rely on a soaking tank.

So, of course, it is possible to wipe down your bike before leaving, but it's a waste of time and very painful. The real solution is to use a protective cover! It takes you 10 seconds to take it off, 30 to put it on—a huge time saver, and above all, a motorcycle that stays dry.

The waterproof outdoor rain UV protectors for motorbikes also use in the opposite situation, in direct sunlight. They prevent the sun from heating your saddle, which is also unpleasant. Also, if your motorcycle is undercover, your motorcycle parts will age much better than if they were exposed. However, be careful to choose a cover that is heat resistant.

Protective covers protect your motorcycle from the rain (or snow, depending on where your motorcycle thief lives) and the sun, but not only! The lids allow you to hide your motorcycle outside and protect it from prying eyes.

Why motorcycle covers are essential?

Motorcycle owners or those shopping for one know that motorcycles require essential maintenance. Many people aren't sure whether or not they should invest in motorcycle covers. It is common for cars to sit outside in the elements for some time without showing signs of damage. Owners should consider motorcycle covers as essential maintenance.

In addition, motorcycle components are much more vulnerable to theft than other vehicles. Undoubtedly, a bike stored outside is susceptible to UV damage, dust, and moisture from rain, snow, or fog. The storage of items indoors is not immune from damage, rust, or corrosion, especially dust and humidity.

It is worth it to invest in motorcycle covers. There is, however, a difference between them. If your motorcycle cover only keeps dust at bay, it won't protect your ride from moisture. As a result, it is more likely to rust in areas that don't seem visible at first glance. In the end, a motorcycle cover isn't worth the price of damage caused by not having one.

Motorcycle covers protect against water, condensation, ice

Water exposure to motorcycles can cause significant damage over time, even though they design to withstand some water exposure. Cracks and crevices are common for moisture to gather, causing severe damage. Seeping into the engine or carburetor is especially dangerous.

Besides repelling water from directly touching the motorcycle, the proper water-resistant motorcycle shelter can also help prevent condensation, which can cause rust and mold. These problems are expensive to fix.

An engine can seize due to rust. The problem isn't fatal, but it's a pain to fix.

In the winter, ice and snow can cause rust on your bike's mirrors, forks, spokes, and pipes.

As water and condensation pass through interior components, they pick up dirt and grime and carry it along with them. Water will also break down the lubrication on your chain, which can pose a severe safety issue. Beyond that, dust, dirt, and mud can accelerate the rusting process.

Water in the tank or fuel lines can render your motorcycle inoperable. Water in your gas tank can be hazardous if it gets into the combustion chamber.

Choosing the best motorcycle cover

Although cost is a factor, springing for the cheapest cover is probably not the best strategy. You want one that does the job, but you don't want to purchase a new one every year. Plus, even if it provides some protection, a basic cover could do more harm than good if it traps moisture inside. You want to find one that will repel water and won't trap moisture inside.

The right cover will prevent dust, water, and condensation from getting on the bike and building up from underneath. Or inside. It is valid for both indoor and outdoor storage.

Do motorcycle covers deter theft?

Another simple way to deter thieves is to put on a cover. They're less likely to target it when they can't see what kind of motorcycle you're riding. A motorcycle cover with built-in hardware for a security chain and durable materials can also be an impediment.

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