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Wireless earphone

Bluetooth headset helps you solve the trouble of answering the phone in a noisy environment, not missing any single conversation details.

Wireless earphone


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Bluetooth headsets are becoming increasingly popular to stay connected without being tied down by wires. They are convenient, lightweight, and allow you to move freely while still hearing your calls.

Bluetooth headsets can use for various purposes, such as making phone calls, listening to music, talking on Skype, or playing games. With the help of advanced noise-canceling technology, they provide crystal clear sound quality even in noisy environments.

The Bluetooth headset is ideal for those needing a hands-free solution while traveling or at work. With the increasing demand for wireless solutions and their convenience, it is no wonder that Bluetooth headsets are becoming increasingly popular. Here is Tiroflx's wireless earphone information.

Bluetooth headset


-Color: Black

-Noise reduction function: 20-25DB

-Bluetooth protocol: HSP_V1.2/HFP_V1.7/A2DP_V1.3/AVRCP_V1.6

-With a mute button, the microphone can turn off automatically

-Acceptable signal range: within 10M

-Battery capacity: 90mAh polymer lithium battery

-Transmission level: level 4

-Charging specification: Micro USB

-MICRO head transmission line Length: 20cm

-Adapter: DC OUTPUT 5V

-Standby time (connection state): about 72H

-Sustainable talk time: about 8H

-Charging time: about 1.5H


-Reduce noise: Earphones are to reduce noise and make more explicit calls even in the high-speed wind—the mini wireless earphones are to reduce noise and provide a better listening experience.

-Bluetooth: Wirelessly stream from your smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices with a built-in microphone.

-Portable and lightweight: The mini Bluetooth earpiece is lightweight, portable, and easy to carry. The hands-free earphone can use on any occasion.

-Soft ear hooks&relaxible: Designed with silicone ear hooks that fit the ears and are more comfortable to wear.

-Driving: Long battery life, safe driving with enough power for a long time, even if wearing a headset, the ears will not be painful.

-Alloy shaft rotation adjustment: Rotation, angle adjustment arbitrarily, to meet the different wearing habits of the public compatible with glasses.

-Durable in use: The headset is durable and not easy to break. The Bluetooth headset can use for a long time and is suitable for different

-Widely used: Suitable for workouts, GYM, Driving, and office.

-Small size: the small size of this earphone is suitable for most people. It can be easily put in your pocket, backpack, or suitcase when not in use and will only take up a little space.

How does a Bluetooth headset work?

Getting your Bluetooth headset to work with your phone requires you to connect or pair the phone with the headset. Follow these steps:

1. Ensure your Bluetooth headset is fully charged, turned on, and compatible with your smartphone.

2. Turn on the phone and look for the Bluetooth feature under Settings.

3. When you enable Bluetooth, the phone sends out a signal and starts searching for other Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as your headset.

4. The headset will appear on the list of devices when the phone finds it. A PIN uses to pair the devices.

5. As long as your headset is on, all your phone calls will automatically connect to your headset, and you won't have to pair the devices again.

Bluetooth or wireless headphones will eliminate the need for cables with your next team.

There are differences between Bluetooth and wireless headphones for you to make the decision easier. Which one is better for you? Although wireless and Bluetooth headphones do not require a cable connection, their connection technologies differ.

Other wireless headset models use radio waves, infrared, internal memory, or KleerNet to transmit and receive audio signals. Bluetooth headphones use a short-range radio wave system.

So Bluetooth headphones are wireless headphones, but not all are Bluetooth headphones.

Does Bluetooth have a higher level of reliability than WiFi?

WiFi is more stable, versatile, and reliable than Bluetooth, but WiFi is a centralized system, while Bluetooth is mobile.

The WiFi connection requires a modem and router, while Bluetooth directly connects you to the audio source, which is more convenient.

The WiFi connection is faster and can work at different frequencies, providing a better, stronger, and more flexible connection.

It is only suitable for home or centralized use as you can only use a WiFi connection with a modem and router on the street. That is where Bluetooth headphones' versatility and convenience shine.

Is it harmful to wear Bluetooth headphones?

Bluetooth uses radiofrequency for audio data transmission, which is safe for the human body. You can use Bluetooth headphones without worrying about any potential health risks.

While Bluetooth headphones cause radiation, it is not at any point harmful to the human body. Human health is not adversely affected by this type and amount of radiation.

Bluetooth headsets are a great way to stay connected while on the go. Whether commuting, working in a noisy office, or just ensuring your conversations are private, having a Bluetooth headset can make all the difference. Bluetooth headsets are an investment that will pay off for years to come.

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