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Updated: Feb 21

"At Tiroflx, every employee is a quality control employee"

Here at Tiroflx we realize that one of our advantages is our ability to deliver not only goods at low cost, but rather high quality goods at low cost". – Assaf Sternberg ( formerly CEO of Tirol Ltd ) the owner of , CEO at Tiroflx Ningbo Trade

We work very hard to maintain this advantage, by meticulous selection of quality manufacturers, by employing our uncompromising elite quality control staff and by working with top laboratories all around China. At Tiroflx, every employee is a quality control employee."

This is how it is done

Audition of any factory prior to adding it to our list of approved suppliers. We check its processes, its quality control procedures, certifications (e.g. BSCI, ISO, UL, E mark) raw materials, Factory response time, and even its vendors.

When production is initiated, we perform in-process inspection and final inspection. Inspections take place at the manufacturing site and in our warehouse, before shipment. Some products are sent to laboratories for further testing and analyses, all to ensure compliance with local/regional specific regulations and requirements and to assert that products meet customer spec.

Document control:

As a customer, you want to make sure your goods are labeled properly, quantities are as per ordered, that you can maintain traceability, and that all export information is accurate and accessible.

To support that, we inspect all ship marks to make certain that information such as PO number, item number, barcode, quantities & weights are clear and accurate; we than compare the physical data to customers' orders and shipping documents to make sure it is all coincide. We re- validate the data during loading, we examine the deliverables, comparing to lists and check the shape of cartons to ensure arrival in good order.

Quality procedure according to needs:

Today — an integrated, sustainable, quality management program with clearly focused networks is a decisive competitive advantage. At Tiroflx, we conceive your quality requirements to precisely match your business processes and offer you comprehensive support — ranging from the creation of a zero-defects culture to the development of a value-added orientation. Here, Tiroflxs’ experienced experts always examine which quality methods are most efficient for your particular product and how requirements can be optimally applied to your needs.

Safety is a priority – which is why we are happy to comply with a container safety net requirement

Quality of service:

  • Deep understanding your business operation

  • Most cost effective solutions

  • Establishment of a zero-defects culture as a business goal

  • Best response time in the industry

  • Best offered lead times

  • Professional international freight forwarding support

  • Introduction of Quality Management systems to specific items/regions requirements.

  • Open communication and on-line status reporting to customer.

In addition, our experienced experts always maintain an overview of all services, to ensure that you receive the quality and standards which are most important for your industry — and that these requirements can be optimally applied to your business needs.

2019 QC News!

As part of our efforts for continuous improvement, as of April Cartons of partial quantity will be marked by 'partial quantity' stickers. The stickers will be taped on top and on side of the partial carton, allowing easy identification.

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