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What's happening in China's production? February 9th, 2023 Update

As you know, two weeks ago, China abandoned the COVID zero policy, which had been held since the beginning of the pandemic.

We are already dealing with enormous numbers of patients everywhere.

This will impact trade in the coming months, making it much more complex and slower to produce goods.

We currently work online from home, so sometimes, the responses would be slower than usual.

We strongly encourage the factories to supply the goods as quickly as possible.

We plan to dispatch as many orders as possible to our warehouse, so logistics and shipping will be less affected in the coming months.

But weโ€™re not sure at this stage if the factories could deliver to us since they have too many workers who are already back home or have fallen ill.

According to reports, this infection will last three waves until late March or early April.

We will do our best to deliver on time, but please consider the current situation.

In this case, the delivery time will be much longer than before. Please check your stock status, and place the order in advance to avoid delay.

February 9th, 2023 Update:

Almost three years after closing its borders due to COVID-19 outbreaks, China reopened its borders on Sunday, January 8th,2023, with Chinese citizens living overseas and foreign visitors arriving without having to experience lengthy and strict quarantines.

Many people have received the long-awaited moment with joy and relief. โ€œAll of us were glad to see the restrictions lifted because it makes day-to-day life much easier and the economy greater.โ€

After the coronavirus pandemic forced the closure of businesses and public spaces in China, the country is now on the road to recovery. As it gradually reopens, we can see how Chinese citizens adjust to a new normal. Businesses are slowly reopening their doors while people cautiously return to their daily lives.

The China trade and shows are back on as reopening-led economic recovery. Chinaโ€™s industry was preparing for the expected rebound, such as trading, travel, consumer, and catering firms.

It's great to have everyone back onstage!

At Tiroflx, we are looking forward to welcoming our customers back

With production back and It is great to see you all again now that production has been reestablished and customers can visit China.

Thank you.



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