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How do we choose our factories?

Why is it crucial to do a factory audit before working with a new factory in China?

How do we choose our factories?

January 17, 2022

We work with the factories that we choose.

How do we choose them?

China is a vast country and one of the world's largest manufacturers.

There are hundreds of thousands of factories in China, and it is difficult to tell which factory produces good quality by just browsing websites.

We conduct a thorough factory audit as part of our work process to ensure that the factory can meet our quality standards.

We select factories based on the following criteria:

1. The industry experience, the quality of the samples or documents provided, the labor standards, and environmental responsibility.

2. We seek out factories where high-quality standards have been set and maintained over time and where the basics of pay and benefits are fair. We also avoid smoky environments.

We aim for fairness in pricing, a sense of equality in production processes, and flexible schedules that can meet any deadline;

Auditing the factory

As part of our standard operating procedure, we thoroughly inspect all factories before adding them to our list of approved suppliers.

It takes a whole day to complete the inspection.

Our legal team reviews all aspects of a plant, including its financial condition, work processes, approvals, materials, suppliers, and quality control processes before and after production.

We conduct regular visits and partnerships with the same factory, regardless of when the factory is approved and when the factory is in production, to ensure that the quality of the goods follows the standards required for production.

We check that all products have been appropriately marked and will be maintained.

Each factory we work with evaluates compliance, safety, and productivity levels.

In this process, we can ensure an integrated quality management plan that provides the quality of our customers' products.

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