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How do we work with the factories?

Tiroflx implements factory audit and conducts pre-shipment inspections within 24hours after getting goods from suppliers.

How do we work with the factories?

January 17, 2022

Whenever we start working with a new supplier, we conduct a factory audit to ensure that the supplier meets our requirements. We inspect and verify a factory's compliance with our requirements before placing our first order with them.

The first thing to consider is the quality of the product. If the product is not well made, it will not sell, even if it is cheap. Our goal is to work with factories that produce products of high quality and at an affordable price.

When we start placing orders to the factories, how do we work with factories?

1. Check the price, quantity, and delivery time.

Check the factory's price, quantity, and delivery time first before planning an order. It is essential to work with them to ensure that they produce the product at a high quality and reasonable price.

We should think about how much time it will take for the factory to deliver our order once they receive it from us.

2. Create a purchase contract

Make a purchase contract in our ERP with product specification description, quality requirements, delivery time, etc. Once the manager reviews the contract, it is sent to the factory, who must sign it back.

We create a specific contract for each order and factory. This includes all the terms and specifications for the order. Once it is in production, we will control that the factory fulfills all the terms in the contract.

3. Track the order

Track the order status every week, update the factory's delivery status and delivery issues to the ERP, and plan and arrange inspections.

4. Inspect products

We have a professional QC team. After receiving the inspection report, we will check the pictures and reports and then send them to the manager for confirmation.

5. Deliver products

After confirmation, make a warehouse receipt for the factory to enter Tiroflx's warehouse.

Tiroflx is usually in charge of any product from a factory that is properly manufactured and meets all safety regulations before it's shipped to an overseas customer.

We should be clear about what we want from them and how we want it done. We should also make sure that we have a good relationship with the factory to maintain long-term cooperation.

Tiroflx implements factory audit
Tiroflx implements factory audit

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