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Item and artworks design

The professional design team creates logos, trademarks, packaging, labels, websites, social media platforms or blogs, etc.

Item and artworks design

January 18, 2022

Get the packing that makes your product stand out to customers. With Tiroflx you do not need to hassle hiring a third party to design your brand graphics. You have it right in our office. Whether you need packaging design, including graphics, or artwork. Our graphic studio of best-in-class talented designers provides the following services:

  • Artwork design

  • Product photos

  • Catalog design

  • Packing design and development

Every product and customer has different needs. Some require the entire process, from the product inception, until the packing, logo, and artwork. Others just the graphics or the display box. Our designers collaborate with you to develop the right graphics and artwork to convey your brand message.

Our design service covers the whole range of graphic and packing products including

  • Display boxes

  • Stickers

  • Barcode artwork

  • Online catalogs

  • Product art

Manufacturing from China was never so easy.

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