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Steps should take to choose the right factory

Steps should take to choose the right factory.

Steps should take to choose the right factory

May 5, 2022

What steps should you take to find the right factory to manufacture

your goods in China?

Quality, efficiency, cost, location, and communication requirements are among the factors to consider when choosing a factory.

After years of development, China has become the cheapest and most convenient country for manufacturing products.

It is not just cheap but also high-quality products in China.

Now local importers, online and Amazon sellers from all over the world choose China to manufacture their products.

Nevertheless, customers often find it challenging to select the right and most suitable factory because they lack the necessary knowledge.

Choosing a factory to work in is not a decision to rush through.

Many factors need to be considered, including transportation, company size, location, etc.

China has a vast area.

It is difficult to determine which factories produce quality products in China only by looking at websites or checking the Alibaba shop.

If there are so many manufacturers in china, how do you choose the one that will manufacture for you?

Before you start

1. Check the factory industry experience, the quality of the samples he provides, and his communication.

2. You should seek out factories that have set and maintained high-quality standards.

3. Check if the factory is familiar with exporting process stand, and which market he is selling.

4. Check if the factory has a quality control system.

First step

Obtain all the business licenses.

Chinese law requires all legitimate companies to comply with this requirement.

After verifying all the information, we also access the business database: a clean record, no legal issues, and no unpaid bills.

Documents are checked, along with the labor standard and environmental responsibility.

Second step

Conduct a thorough factory Audit

At Tiroflx, we do the factory audit as part of our work process to ensure that the factory can meet our quality standards.

Quality is one of the main issues we check in the factory audit.

Factory auditing

Before adding a factory to our list of approved suppliers, we conducted a thorough inspection as part of our standard operating procedure.

Factory audit inspections take a whole day to complete.

We review a plant's financial condition, work processes, approvals, materials, suppliers, and quality control processes before and after production.

In the factory audit, we check that all products have been appropriately marked and will be maintained.

Evaluating the factory's manufacturing processes is the best way for businesses to ensure standards are being kept high across the whole process. It's not just the final products that need an evaluation - it can also extend to sub-assembly, component supply, and quality control processes.

After the factory audit, we select factories based on the following criteria:

We strive for fair pricing and equal treatment in production processes, and flexible scheduling that meets any deadline.

Whether the factory is approved or when production begins, we regularly visit and partner with the same factory to ensure that the goods meet the production standards.

We evaluate compliance, safety, and productivity at every factory we work.

In this process, we can ensure the quality of our customers' products during a factory audit through an integrated quality management plan.

It's always essential to ensure quality, be accurate and follow instructions delivered by a manufacturing expert when picking a factory in China to produce a product or component.

When looking for a factory to produce your goods, it is crucial to find those factories with a good attitude towards auditing and treating the working staff well.

You have to consider your priorities and what you would like to manufacture when making a choice. You should visit different manufacturers' sites and evaluate their factories before choosing.

Working with a trading company or sourcing agent is an easier way to manufacture in China

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