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Tiroflx Assembly & Packaging Solutions

Tiroflx Assembly & Packaging Solutions

Tiroflx Assembly & Packaging Solutions

August 19, 2021


We are very proud of our ever-growing Assembly and Packaging line.

We offer Packaging Services that are right for your supply chain and products. Our packaging services are created to help you transport your products to their final destination in the most efficient way possible. We help our customers with different types of packaging services that are tailored to their operations. Our offer includes everything from kitting and sub-assembly to packaging services in order to give you the best solution. Our complete packaging solutions are tailored to protect your products from A-Z. With our capabilities to design, test, and validate packaging solutions in-house we can quickly help you to protect your products all the way to the end destination.



Our packaging services offer enables you to focus on your core business, reduce cost and ship your products in a safe and secure way.

Our services offer includes among other things the following services:


Our team works closely with customers to develop a suitable packaging solution for their specific products. With our in-house packaging capabilities, we are also able to test and validate the design and product information (barcodes) to ensure that the packaging protects the content for the entire journey and the identity of the products.


Kitting involves the preparation of production systems or "kits" Kitting can be combining a specified quantity of production parts into a container or organizing thousands of parts into a highly-ordered system for product assembly.


Tiroflx offers Display boxes both packed with ordered goods and as a stand-alone product. These boxes are available in different sizes and with any graphic design of the customer's choice. Our creative design team would be happy to consult and suggest design possibilities.


Once production is finished our team will test, weigh and measure the product, create a packaging design tailored to the needs of your product, produce the packaging solution and then package the product for shipment. Shipment to the final destination is done directly from the Tiroflx facility. In some cases, our customers’ products comprise multiple items; in these situations, Tiroflx can provide space for this purpose, track the receipts from different suppliers, and then assemble the items as required prior to packing.

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