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Tiroflx Electric Bikes Manufacturing

Tiroflx Electric Bikes is Pushing the Limits of What's Possible in Traditional Bike Manufacturing

Tiroflx Electric Bikes Manufacturing

April 18, 2022

Electric Bikes is Pushing the Limits of What's Possible in Traditional Bike Manufacturing.

Tiroflx is proud to announce that we have started manufacturing and exporting high-quality, Cost-Effective electric bikes!

We are honored to present you with our newest High-Quality, Cost-Effective, best-selling electric bikes!

Our electric bike Brands, the Jager™ Scorpion™ and Alpha®, are the manufacturer's products and are ready to sell today.

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They are more space-saving and innovative than any other product of its type and are the perfect choice for people who wish to enjoy the most excellent convenient transportation in their days.

We offer a high-quality electric bike line with low production costs, a small minimum order quantity, and short production cycle times.

And most important, we can lower the electric bikes' prices without compromising quality!

The electric bikes we make today are of better quality thanks to our investments in research and development. You can increase your business sales channels with less toxic items that have more significant profit margins and don't contribute to global warming with our products.

There is an increased demand today for these vehicles.

"E-Bike Sales To Grow": Many reports indicate increased revenue

by 2030 of 17 million bicycles from 3.7 million.

Tiroflx electric bikes are committed to saving space and will be your best choice!

For a long time now, electric bicycles have been the answer to congested roads and care about the environment. However, electric bikes are often pricey and hard to buy.

But that's changed now with Tiroflx.

With Tiroflx, you don't have to choose over performance or affordability. You can get it all at a fraction of the cost by writing off some quality in favor of saving.

We significantly opened up our manufacturing capacity with the new drivetrain components we are developing and aggressively stepping up our electric bike

OEM manufacturing under your brand is also available.

Our product targets mainly city riders, with some exceptions.

We manufacture all sorts of electric bikes, from low price to high-quality, from convenient folding versions to more powerful ones. The different categories should have an electric bike for your preference and experience level.

Electric bikes make an excellent mode of transportation in a good way.

There are many benefits to electric bikes. For instance, because they have an electric motor and battery built-in when you pedal an electric bike forward, you will experience the equivalent of force: bikes don't need to be pedaled backward or in gear.

Our electric bike production line is located north of Shanghai in Sujoho.

Check out our latest E-Bikes line, and don't hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about our electric bike or if you wish to be an 🔝 agent in your country.

Read more about our Jager electric bikes project.

We strive to provide the best electric bicycle and electric scooter solutions for urban transportation in our densely populated cities with Jager e-bike urban transport solutions.

Jager brand started in 2013, designing and manufacturing electric bicycles under independent brands through subcontractors in China.

In addition, we managed to sign a development and manufacturing agreement with an Italian company named ITALWIN. We gained the right to use the brand's names (Alpha and MomoDesign) and market them.

In 2014 the company developed an electric bicycle brand named JAGER under Europe and Chinese companies.

This move was a part of our global vision to expand globally.

Currently, we are consolidating the manufacturing process in China to become a quality one-stop shop for international importers, hand in hand with our global vision to enter the US electric bicycle market.

We are currently looking for whole sellers and e-bikes shops interested in cooperation for the long time term.

Contact Us

At TIROFLX, our sales and marketing team will assist you with all your expectations, from the upfront order to exporting directly into every country in Europe, under the supervision of the obligations and certifications needed to import our bikes into Europe.

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Tiroflx electric bikes project.

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