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Tiroflx celebrates the opening of a new warehouse

Tiroflx celebrates the opening of a new warehouse

Tiroflx celebrates the opening of a new warehouse

August 19, 2021

Tiroflx provides shipping and consolidation solutions. Due to our business volume, we open a new warehouse with much more space for storage and work efficiency.

Tiroflx has a fully computerized ERP system and has a system set up to manage shipping and consolidation.

Tiroflx's western-owned warehouse provides enough storage space for shipping and consolidating.

The Tiroflx warehouse exports more than 500 ocean containers and supplies more than 10,000 unique products across several categories every year.

Tiroflx celebrates the opening of a new warehouse in Oct. 2019.

We optimized the warehouse office area, front desk, stock area, stocking area, loading and unloading area, inspection area, packing area, and sample area in our new warehouse. The warehouse office supplies, sample exhibition, and inventory classification are all in an orderly manner, which improves the efficiency of the office and delivery.

We don't need to spend more labor costs and time than other companies to store the goods in the freight forwarding warehouse. We also don't need to have a small warehouse as other companies, which makes the storage of goods cluttered.

Warehouse processes include receiving, inbound, storage, picking, packing, stacking, loading, and shipping. Optimizing this writing process can simplify warehouse operations, reduce costs, and achieve higher-order accuracy.

You can follow us on Shipping and consolidation. You can also message us by contact us if you have other inquiries. We'll be happy to help.


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