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Tiroflx's new office, Showroom & headquarters in Ningbo, China

Tiroflx new office, Showroom & headquarters in Ningbo, China

Tiroflx's new office, Showroom & headquarters in Ningbo, China

August 19, 2021

We are proud to invite all our customers to visit our new offices & showroom in Ningbo!

Tiroflx is a China-based OEM, sourcing, & manufacturing company located in Ningbo. Tiroflx is a western-owned company, and its headquarters is in Ningbo. It is where all of Tiroflx's major departments here: CEO, Marketing, Sales, Quality Control, Shipping, Design Accounting, Human Resource, Warehouse Packing, Production line, and storage.

We have a professional design studio with a photo studio and design-specific computers and software.

We have a large space showroom to display products such as automobiles accessories, bike accessories, Cellular, lights, camping & outdoor, etc.

We have set up an Amazing Ways-360 Virtual Reality (VR) system to show a computer-generated environment.

Due to the global new crown virus COVID-19, customers cannot visit China to see suppliers' offices, factories, and showrooms. Customers cannot see new products in time as usual and see actual samples to inquire. We are thinking about how can we solve this problem?

Finally, in 2020, replace with visit a physical showroom. We designed and completed the VR of our own company. Through electronic technology, new and old customers can see our office, design room, office, showroom, and all exhibition products in the showroom. Walk to the showroom step by step through VR, push open a door, touch the product with your hand, zoom in and see the appearance of the product clearly, and you can download the catalog. VR offers Tiroflx how we present to and engage with customers.

We have optimized the warehouse with an office area, front desk, stock area, stocking area, loading and unloading area, inspection area, packing area, and sample area in our new warehouse. The warehouse office supplies, sample exhibition, and inventory classification are all orderly, which improves the efficiency of the office and delivery.

Tiroflx's company culture is teamwork, open communication, and humanity. It's the attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviors shared among a group of Tiroflx. This strong company culture makes us more innovative and productive.

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