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Top things to Know When Buying from China trading company

Things to Know When Buying from China, Whatever you are looking for in products made in China, We are your China manufacturing, OEM 1 stop

Top things to Know When Buying from China trading company

August 19, 2021

Sourcing your products from China is an excellent opportunity to find high-quality goods for your customers at an affordable price. But in a country with millions of factories, how do you know which is right for you? Where do you start?

In this post by Tiroflx Ningbo Trade, we give you an overview of the top things you should keep in mind when sourcing and manufacturing products made in China.

Why using Sourcing agent China So Popular?

China has to become the “world factory” through its export strategy “Made in China 2025”. The COVID-19 pandemic slowed production a bit, but Chinese factories went quickly back to work to meet the demands of the exploding e-commerce trade. Today, China has the most significant industrial output and is the largest exporting nation globally.

There are many reasons to source or manufacture your products there:


1. Cost-effective

Most people relate China-made products are most commonly associated with cost-effectiveness. And lower prices don’t mean lower quality. China is producing extremely high-quality, cutting-edge products and still doing it at a fraction of the price it will cost you to manufacture locally. Lower cost almost always improves sales, and if you can do it without sacrificing quality, even better.

2. Better service

Our extensive experience with China manufacturing found that Chinese manufacturers are better at customer experience than local (other countries) factories. They have experience working with different customers and have the drive to sell, responding quickly. However, the minimum requirements can be hard to meet for smaller companies (more about this in the “Cons” section.

3. Faster time to market

All of the factories we work with could produce a large order on time. Granted, we screen factories carefully. When we get a deadline from the factory, for example, six weeks, they will produce the order in six weeks.

4. Design and engineering

Maybe you have an idea for a new product; it could lead to legal issues. But sometimes you don’t have to think about everything from scratch. It can be CNC machining China or plastic injection molding China; if you have an idea to manufacture, we can do it. For example, if you want to make a car accessory, a new type of phone charger, or solar batteries, you can point to us a similar product, and together with our factories, we will do it. An OEM 1 stop, no one can compete with the China manufacturers.


Everything cannot be roses; there has to be a downside, right? Here you go:

1. Finding the right factory

The main reason people hesitate to source from China. Finding the right factory can seem like finding a needle in a haystack. Sure, you can go to trade shows, search on Alibaba, or try to screen factories by yourself. We’ve been there, and we do this for a living. Honestly, for a newcomer, or even an experienced business, it can be pretty overwhelming. There are millions of factories to browse and screen. As a China trading company, this is what we do best.

Using a China trading company is the safest option. It saves you time and effort by having pre-screened manufacturers that produce what you need at the price and quality you want.

2. Language barrier

While most Chinese factories will tell you they have English-speaking staff, most of the time, their English is essential. Communication is vital to negotiating prices, conditions, and specifications. Having someone that knows the language and the business culture can be priceless, but most importantly, as sourcing agents in China, we are working for our customers.

3. low MOQ minimum order quantities

The lower profit margins Chinese factories use, the higher amounts they produce. Therefore, their minimums tend to be higher than other countries and usually don’t accept one-off orders. Working with a China trading company can get around these challenges. And we use our warehouse to stock the goods for you until the container is full. We save you money.

4. Shipping services

Well, there is not a workaround here. China is far, and most factories are in remote cities, so shipping from there is not the same as doing it locally in Europe or the U.S. So plan your orders well in advance, considering shipping time (At least 30 days).

You can ship by air if your goods are small, and it will cut the time to 2-3 days. Sometimes it is worth the higher costs. Add the cost of the land transportation from the port to your door, depending on the export terms.

5. Quality of work

Although China manufacturing often gets a bad rap regarding quality, in our experience, it all ends with choosing the right factory, making the formal contract, and controlling the production. Working with a China trading company on top of quality control is critical to ensure the China manufacturing process follows your specifications. Most importantly, we are always here, the ways and the ears of our customers.

How to source from China the Smart Way

At Tiroflx Ningbo Trade, we have experienced all the challenges of sourcing from China in our 15 years of working with China manufacturing. Here are some reasons choosing a China trading company is the smart way to go:

● We screen the factories and build relationships with them, so you don’t have to. We work closely with factories and laboratories to ensure the best quality at the best price.

● A China trading company offers flexibility. Do you need multiple parts for a kit? We source and assemble them in our production line. Do you need special packaging or artwork? We take care of it too.

● Great for small quantity buyers. A factory won’t work with you for less than their minimum. A China trading company can use the relationship with the factory to get lower order minimums.

● More variety of products. Most Chinese factories specialize in a single development or part. Working with trading as Tiroflx gives you the option to source all that you need in one order, mix your container with many items, save cost and time to market

Sounds great?

Whatever you are looking for in products made in China, is it A CNC machining China, plastic injection molding China, plastic mold manufacturer China, assembling items, or items for your sourcing for your Amazon website.

We are your China manufacturing, OEM 1 stop.

Sounds great?

Start sourcing the smart way today. Contact us.

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