Sourcing from China
Shouldn't be a headache.

Get your business on track with our 20 years of experience trading and exporting from China 

Our Services

Service we provide to our customers 

Too many factories to choose from?

Did you get the wrong product again?
How do you know who you can trust?

You want a product but don’t know where to find

the best price and quality.

Just tell us what you need. Browse our website, come to our showroom in Ningbo, China, or show us a picture or a drawing. You’ll get:

A Complete Service from Chinese factory selection and price negotiation until the item is on the container en route to its destination. Including:

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How does it work?

1. Sourcing & Manufacturing

  • We select among the thousands of factories in our database, which is the best factory to source the item.

  • Negotiate on your behalf the best price and the best quality

  • Order and control production. We ensure production is on time and complies with product specifications. Our process is ERP computerized, ensuring a streamlined manufacturing process.

  • Design the packaging. As an additional service, we offer packaging design, including graphics, artwork, instruction manuals.

  • Control production quality (Quality Control Services). Tiroflx collaborates with outside labs like SGS and TUV to ensure the quality of your product. We specialize in European regulations: REACH; PAHS; ROHS.

  • Provide Assembly and/or packing services in our inline warehouse. We address complex logistics solutions, preparing the product until it is ready for shipping.

  • Once the goods are at our Ningbo warehouse, we load and consolidate the container, and deliver it to port, keeping with packing specifications, and safety control.


2. Custom Manufacturing 

OEM / ODM Product Development

Do you have an idea for a new product?

  • Do you need a special plastic or metal part for your item?

  • Manufacturing in China can be a hassle if you don’t do it with the right factory. Tiroflx Original Equipment Manufacturing/ Original Design Manufacturing (OEM/ODM) services ensure advanced engineering in product development and manufacturing.

  • What do you need to do? Just show us a drawing, we’ll take care of the design, production, and packing.

  • Don’t have a sketch? Show us similar items, we make the engineering drawing, and develop the production process. This includes:

  • Choosing the right materials - inclusive selecting the best sheet metal factory in China.

  • Engineering, Prototypes and Samples production

  • Build the product mold - including die casting or plastic

  • Control production

  • Implement quality control procedures

  • Packing, warehousing, and shipping

3. Tiroflx Support Online & Amazon Private Label sellers that want to develop their online business 

Sourcing Products
We’ve been helping Amazon sellers importing from China in the past six years. by providing the best selling item in high quality 

We provide a total of 360 tailor-made Solutions.

From your idea to Packaging Design and from Manufacturing to shipping

Our service includes : 
1. Product searching based on your requirement 
2. Sample quality checking
3. Item development and improvement 
4. OEM customize labeling

We offer complete packaging solutions to personalize

your product labels, allowing you to build your brand

5. Manufacturing process - we control all the process 

6. Quality Control

We inspect all products from the suppliers before shipping them.
7. We provide product liability  
8. Shipping to the country warehouse and or your amazon FBA 
We can combine shipping for multiple listings shipped

to your amazon warehouse or other locataions 


4. Item and artworks design

Get the packing that makes your product stand out to customers. With Tiroflx you do not need to hassle hiring a third party to design your brand graphics. You have it right in our office. Whether you need packaging design, including graphics, or artwork. Our graphic studio of best-in-class talented designers provides the following services:

  • Artwork design

  • Product photos

  • Catalogue design

  • Packing design and development

Every product and customer have different needs. Some require the entire process, from the product inception, until the packing, logo, and artwork. Others just the graphics or the display box.

Our designers collaborate with you to develop the right graphics and artwork to convey your brand message.

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Our design service covers the whole range of graphic and packing products including

  • Display boxes

  • Stickers

  • Barcodes artwork

  • Online catalogues

  • Product art

Manufacturing from China was never so easy.

5. Assembling line and Packaging services


The wrong packaging can fail to protect your product on the way to the customer. Tiroflx designs and produces the right package to protect your investment. So you can:

Reduce packaging costs - Minimize product damage -Improve your brand

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Packaging 100% tailored to your product - Our design team will work with your staff to develop a packaging solution tailored to your product requirements. With all types of packaging materials.


Packaging testing and design validations - Your product’s packaging is tested and verified by our in-house packaging team. Then we validate your product identity information (barcodes) ensuring identity protection until destination.


Kits and sub-assembly

You need to combine thousands of parts for product assembly or combine several items into a container. Tiroflx prepares your kit in an ordered production system.

Display boxes

Save time and attract customers with Tiroflx custom display boxes. Our team designs the graphics, the layout, and suggests the best solution for your display boxes. For both packed and standalone boxes.


In-house packing

No need to hassle with your product packing. Tiroflx packages your product for shipment right after production. Your product travels safely to the destination from our warehouse. Does your product require assembling several parts? We receive the parts in our facility, assemble and pack the item for shipping.

“One of our advantages is our ability to deliver high-quality goods at low cost”


6. Quality control & lab test

Assaf Sternberg, Tiroflx CEO: ​

"At Tiroflx, every employee is a quality control employee"

Our Quality Control process starts with factory selection:

  • We inspect and check the factories before adding them to our approved supplier’s list. The vetting process includes checking processes, certifications, materials, and vendors. 

  • Once in production, we perform in-process inspections and final inspections. We inspect at the manufacturing site, and at our warehouse before shipment.

  • You want your goods labeled properly and maintain traceability. Tiroflx conducts pre-shipment inspections ensuring PO NR, barcode, quantities, and weights are accurate.

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  • You’ll have a custom, integrated quality management program ensuring the quality of your products. Tiroflx quality controls include a zero-defects policy aadded value approach.

Why choose Tiroflx Quality Control?

We are one of the few China treading companies that  specialize in European Standards and Regulations:

REACH | PAHS | ROHS | CE  | EMC | Cadmium free  | Phatalate  |SCCP | BSCI  | FSC |AZO |Lead | SVHC | E – MARK |LVD |

The European regulations aim to protect the environment and human health through several strict guidelines. 


7. Logistics warehouse

Your product is safe in our logistics warehouse with

our advanced cargo security.

We provide the highest standards of quality

and packing control.

What services do you get in our warehouse


Container loading

Container consolidation

Logistics distribution

8. Online Interactive Services

Source from China without traveling! Tiroflx is launching two new services to make it even easier to source and manufacture from China.

#1 Want to visit us? Come to the VR Tour.

Our Virtual Reality tour, (available from our website) allows you to visit our office and showrooms.

  • See the products we are manufacturing

  • See the products as they look on display in our showroom

#2 Make an Online Enquiry. All our products are Online.

Are you ready to look for a product? It is easy. Register for our Online Enquiry. It’s easy, just go to Tiroflx and fill in your details in a short form. You’ll then have access to our virtual showroom.

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  • Browse thousands of products at your fingertips

  • Click on the product category you want

  • Choose the product and place an inquiry

We will send you then the details and best price for sourcing the product from China. You’ll get:

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2021-02-02 (3).png
2021-02-02 (3).png
  • The selection of products with the best prices available

  • Product details and specifications