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Graphic design service

Tiroflx has a strong team of graphic designers. Including advertising, marketing materials, and presentations, our graphic designer creates the overall look of a company's communications. They develop logos and trademarks, design packaging and labels, design websites, social media platforms or blogs, and more.

Graphic design service

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Tiroflx provides graphic designer services 

To create and design graphics for various purposes for customers.

The customer generally provides us with any necessary information about the project, including images, text, or other relevant materials.

Our Graphic designers use typography, color, and images to create visual concepts that customers need.

Let us know your ideas and needs, and we will guide you towards a custom design that will be uniquely yours.

We focus on customization and transformation of design work to deliver the best quality.

Packaging design is a vital part of the product marketing process. It is one of the few tangible ways to communicate a brand's message to consumers, and it has a has a direct impact on purchase decisions. The packaging design process starts with understanding the target audience's needs and wants.

A graphic designer performs the following tasks for product packaging:

1. Assess basic needs of customers

2. Create a feeling that fits your business and audience

2. Select packaging type to make sure that a product can be well packaged for shipping

3. Design the packaging itself by looking at color, shape, size, texture, material, patterns, and more

4. Check text and description spelling

5. Make rendering of packaging design

6. Review and check through renderings and sketch with customers

Tiroflx's packaging graphic designer will have an eye for detail and understand how elements can be used to create an attractive package that stands out on store shelves amid all the other products vying for attention. Hope we will eventually lead to higher sales for your company.

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