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Anti-theft heavy duty wheel clamp lock

The wheel lock clamp will perfectly stop your car from turning or rotating, it will be the bodyguard of your trailer, car, and SUV.

Anti-theft heavy duty wheel clamp lock


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Wheel clamps are becoming increasingly popular due to their excellent anti-theft capabilities. We use them in domestic and industrial spaces; wheel clamps provide peace of mind to the user by giving physical immobilization to a vehicle, ensuring the safety of your car while left unattended.

Dish wheel clamp


-This wheel lock clamp is a perfect anti-theft device.

-Bright yellow always discourage people with bad intentions.

-The design of this tire lock is meant to be easily adjusted to different kinds of rim and tire sizes.

-This robust anti-theft wheel tire clamp will be the bodyguard for most trailers, cars, SUVs, and Caravans.

-Heavy-duty steel covered by rust-resistant coating makes it easy to withstand the test of bad weather and time while protecting your vehicle.

-Protective rubber wheel clamp tips to prevent damage to tires.

-Adjustable to different tire and rim sizes.

-The crank and rubber grips give the user easy access and mobility with the tool.

-Coming with two uneasy fall-off locks to avoid the damaged locks

-A rubber grip is attached to the parking boot tire claw for a comfortable grip, and a protective rubber is stuck inside to protect the rims and wheels.

-Ideal for long-stay car parks, car sales forecourts, and trailers.

-Heavy gauge steel disk covers lug nuts to prevent tire removal and prevents tire removal and theft. In some cases, locking the car wheel when parking for a long time protects your car from being stolen.

The Tiroflx's car clamp has good highlighting, as below.

1. Secure sucking disc, anti-violence disassembly

2. Metal needle, prevent forced driving

3. Thickened rolling bearing, rolling bearing to improve lift span&anti-violence disassembly function

4. Adjustable compactness, adjust the disc to fit on the wheel rim to reduce the gap

5. Secure copper lock

6. Protective rubber mat, avoid scratches on car

7. Upgraded thickened steel plate to ensure good quality

How to install this kind of anti-theft car wheel tire lock?

1. Install the sucking disc on the lock body

2. Open the cover of the body with the key

3. Use the crank to adjust the arm to the ideal width

4. Fasten and disc on the middle of the wheel

5. Use the crank to close the arm to the companion

6. Lock the cover&crank the disc until the wheel is tightly sucking on

Will the wheel lock damage my vehicle?

You shouldn't worry about damaging your vehicle if you purchase the correct wheel lock. Your wheel or tire will likely last longer if you install it carefully. It should leave no mark on your car if it comes in contact with most trailer wheel locks. This lock with rubber-sucking protects your wheel.

Our wheel lock clamps will not cause any damage to the vehicle, nor are they easy to remove. They are sturdy and durable.

Is it worth buying a car wheel lock?

Car wheel locks are a great way to keep your car safe and secure. They offer a cost-effective solution that is easy to install and use, providing peace of mind and protection from theft. They provide an effective deterrent against car theft and are highly visible, making it easier for potential thieves to identify that your car is protected. With the right wheel clamp in place, you can be sure your vehicle will remain safe and secure for years.

Here are some tips for preventing car wheel theft.

Car theft of any kind is not a pleasant experience. Whether it's a smashed window to steal goods left on the seat, stealing the car itself, or stealing wheels off the car, which happens more than you think.

Here are some ways to prevent the threat of wheel theft.

1. Keep your car in a garage whenever possible.

2. Install a car alarm with sensors that attach to the wheels.

3. Park in a busy area when in a public place. Park where there are surveillance cameras.

4. Lock the wheels when parking. A car wheel clamp is a device that attaches to the wheel of your vehicle and prevents it from being moved or stolen. A car wheel clamp is a device that attaches to the wheel of your car and prevents it from being stolen or transferred without permission. It is an effective way to protect your car wheels.

You can rest assured that your car wheels will remain secure and safe with the proper security measures.

A Wheel Clamp is a highly effective way of securing your trailer or caravan. It prevents thieves from moving your car or trailer and provides a prominent visual deterrent.

When choosing a wheel clamp, you must note the tire size on your trailer/caravan and ensure that your clamp is suitable for the size.

Please click the link of our blog for more information.

If you are unsure which wheel clamp best suits your needs, please get in touch with us, and we will be happy to help.

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