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Anti-theft wheel lock

A car wheel clamp lock prevents car theft by clamping the wheels. The clamp with lock reduces vehicle theft and protects other vehicles from damage.

Anti-theft wheel lock


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The vehicle lock wheel clamp is a perfect anti-theft device to keep your vehicle safe and secure. It is ideal for most caravans, trailers, cars, and trucks.

Here is our tire-wheel safety lock clamp.

Size information

Material: Steel, the copper lock cylinder, iron lock cover, and plastic dust cover

Color: Yellow

Finish: Painted

Fits for: 13"-15" WHEELS

Shrink minimum size: 60x46x33cm

Enlarge maximum size: 77x46x33cm

Lock type: Key Lock, with 2keys each set

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Product Description

Premium material - Our wheel clamp wheel lock is made of high-quality and robust steel and can therefore insist on cutting and lever attacks. In addition, its surface elaborately processes with powder coating, so this clamp for the wheel is always durable and weatherproof.

Portable and space saving - This wheel clip folds up into a compact size, taking up little space and making transporting and storing it more accessible.

High safety - This parking clamp has a premium suction cup, making it firmly attached to the tire. Thus, forceful disassembly is undoubtedly impossible. In addition, the car wheel clamp lock stands out due to the color yellow/red, which provides additional safety. The heavy steel material of this wheel lock has an anti-rust bright yellow/red coating. As a result, it is very reliable and has a long service life, which prevents your vehicle from being stolen.

Easy to install - This immobilizer is easy to use and install quickly and easily. Just hang the claw on the tire of the caravan and close it. You can walk away entirely quietly. These wheel clamps are easy to connect and come with two safety keys.

Anti-theft protection - The anti-theft wheel lock is ideal for protecting your vehicle against theft.

Universal design - the blockade is compatible with most car wheels on the market. It fits cars, SUVs, buses, trucks, trailers, and more. It can adapt to wheels with a diameter of 13 "-15".

Sturdy wheel clamp lock - The wheel clamp can not only be against theft of your caravan, camper, or trailer, but you can also prevent the theft of your car with this wheel lock. The tire clamp is ideal if you want to secure your vehicle for a long or short time.

Is the wheel lock safe for the car?

The wheel is completely immobilized and unable to rotate or turn when the wheel clamp uses. The car can be safely parked without any worry of theft or towing. This lock is light in weight and very easy to operate.

What is the purpose of a tire wheel security lock?

Individuals and businesses increasingly use wheel clamps to combat crime on various vehicles, including motor vehicles, trailers, caravans, motor homes, and horseboxes. There are several advantages to using a wheel clamp for security:

Wheel clamps provide physical immobilization if someone gains access to your car keys. The use of wheel clamps reduces the risk of unauthorized towing. It is often possible to transport wheel clamps easily (often in the boot of a car). Various types of vehicles/trailers can secure with wheel clamps.

Wheel clamps are highly visible and act as a deterrent to reduce opportunistic theft. Police and local authorities use wheel clamps because they are secure and robust devices.

What size wheel clamp do I need?

Different wheel clamps come with varying sizes of wheels and different sizes of tires. Wheel clamps designed for small vehicles will not be able to accommodate large vehicles, so it's important to know what size you need.

A wheel clamp size requirement is typically a range of tire widths and wheel diameters.

How do wheel clamps work?

By immobilizing the vehicle with a physical impediment, wheel clamps prevent the wheel from rotating. A thief can't drive, push, or tow a car with one wheel immobilized.

Anti-theft car wheel lock clamps are excellent security devices. They are very effective physical immobilizers and are an obvious deterrent.

What material are wheel clamps?

Car Wheel Clamps material is metal or plastic, and most models can be adjusted to fit different wheel sizes. They are generally easy to use and require no special tools or training. Car Wheel Clamps are an effective way to immobilize a vehicle and deter thieves.

Can Wheel Clamps be used for Motorhomes?

Wheel clamps are vital for the security of any vehicle, but they are essential for motorhomes. Motorhomes are larger and more expensive than cars, making them a prime target for thieves. Wheel clamps help to deter thieves by making it more difficult to tow the vehicle away. In addition, wheel clamps can help prevent damage to the motorhome if it is accidentally driven over a curb or into a pothole. As a result, wheel clamps are essential equipment for any motorhome owner.

You can secure your expensive leisure vehicle with a wheel clamp for your motorhome or campervan. A wheel clamp is worth the peace of mind for most motorhome owners.

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