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Car luggage roof rack

Most crossbars have easy-to-use U-bolts. Provides rubber covers to protect cargo from U-bolts & protect the load.

Car luggage roof rack


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The roof rack platform is a device that mounts to the top of a car to carry luggage. Car roof platforms solve the problem of transporting large, heavy, and awkward items. The luggage roof rack platform is ideal for people who need to transport their luggage in a car. They are also for storing and organizing things on top of a vehicle. It is made of durable, high-quality material and can install on your car's roof. The platform provides a safe and reliable place to place your luggage. The rack platform offers your luggage safety and reliability while traveling in the car.

The following are the details of our Aluminum roof rack platform.


-Color: Black powder-coated

-Material: Aluminum

-Item Dimensions LxW:160CM*100CM

-Item Weight: 100KGS

-Is Foldable: No

-Mounting Type: Railing Mount, Roof Mount

-This Cargo Roof Rack Kit contains 7 Grab-On Feet to mount to the roof rails.


-Noncorrosive so that it won't rust or fade

-Aerodynamic design minimizes wind drag and road noise

-Made from solid and durable materials and allows you maximum carrying capacity

-Platform racks are perfect for carrying various accessories and loads, including luggage, spare tires, and heavy items.

-This roof rack installs easily with feet that grab onto the regular roof rails.

Is it possible to damage your vehicle with a car roof rack?

Short answer: no. Car roof racks won't damage your vehicle. However, improper use, incorrect installation, and carelessness will damage the product. The best way to maintain your roof racks and your car is to understand how to use and care for them.

Installing a roof rack on your vehicle: how to protect it.

1. At the beginning

Start by finding the best roof rack system for your car. You must figure out what type of roof your vehicle has for the correct roof rack set.

It can be damaged by purchasing the incorrect set and performing a custom installation job. The roof rack system on your vehicle and the vehicle itself may be scuffed or broken.

Next, you must determine what you will transport with your roof racks. For carting unique items, roof rack systems are available in various configurations.

2. Setup

There are different methods of installing roof rack systems. The process varies depending on their design and your car scars roof style.

3. Application

Loading your roof racks with luggage and not securing them can lead to disaster. By using roof racks properly, you'll be able to enjoy many safe journeys without any hassle.

Stacking luggage only on one side of your roof racks might make corner handling easier. The loading process could result in an accident and damage to your vehicle if you do it this way.

If goods are tethered securely to the roof racks, they may stay on while you are driving. When items fall from your car while you're going, traffic rules could damage by this could damage your vehicle or someone else's loose items that bounce off the road. It can dent or scrape your car and cause a severe accident.

Placing luggage on your car roof is dangerous without considering the weight capacity. Your vehicle may suffer structural damage if you overload it.

4. Maintenance

Keep your universal aluminum roof rack in top condition. Check to see that the roof racks are secure. Roof racks that have come loose can be dangerous. Another measure you can take is removing the roof rail racks to check for areas of rust.

In Conclusion

It is simple to see that roof racks, like any other gadget, won't cause harm unless misused. It is not the racks themselves but human error that leads to damage to your vehicle. Follow the instruction manual and pack your luggage on the shelves securely. By doing this, you can enjoy many safe trips with no damage.

Can I leave a roof rack on all the time?

You can leave the roof rack on your car when unused, but vibrations can loosen fixtures, so keep them lubricated.

When it comes to maintenance and cleaning, please take off roof racks. To ensure your roof racks remain sturdy and keep your equipment in place, you should perform regular maintenance to ensure they stay in good working condition.

To give your roof racks the best possible cleaning, you must remove them from the vehicle first. Check them visually for corrosion first. You must replace any worn-out parts before reinstalling the roof rack. Otherwise, details may come off and cause severe damage.

Put the roof rack back on the car after lubricating all nuts and bolts. Keep the aluminum cargo carrier basket lubricated when not in use to prevent vibrations from loosening it.

When you remove your removable roof racks, you can also give your car scars roof a good wash! Take advantage of the opportunity to wash away any dirt and grime that may have built up in the areas covered by roof racks typically.

Contact us if you need advice on mounting solutions for your particular vehicle.

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