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Sleeping pad

Car inflatable bed ensure a comfortable sleep and reduce stress on the go.Made of thick flocking and high-quality PVC material.

Sleeping pad


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Inflatable car mattresses are becoming increasingly popular among travelers, campers, and adventurers.

Car travel bed


Package Includes:1 x Air Mattress ,1 x Air pump ,1 x Storage bag ,1x Repair Patch and glue kits, 1x Neutral non-printing non-woven bag

Air mattress bed

Material: PVC flocking, 6P environmentally friendly PVC, thickness 0.32-0.45MM, cold resistance -15 degrees

Folded size: 30*25*12CM

Expanded size: 180*128*12CM

Mattress thickness: 12CM at the head of the bed, 6CM at the end of the bed

Bearing capacity: 300 kg

Segmented design: three-fold free inflation, with five independent air chambers and five independent air nozzles, which can flexibly inflate according to the size of the space. Suitable for most SUV models.

12V electric air pump

Color: Black

Air volume: 28L/min, power 50W

Size: 120*100*80MM

With a switch button, three nozzle adapters

Products comply with CE/EMC standards


1. Breathable strips help deflate quickly.

2. Thicker air mattress comfortable experience.

3. Durable car equipment for comfortable travel and for kids and parents sleeping in vehicles.

4. Suitable for SUVs, MPV, beaches, camping, hiking, outdoor, aquatic, etc.

5. Heavy-duty mattress with double-sided flocking, environment-friendly, cold-resistant features.


1. Please do not make it touch a cigarette or any sharp objects.

2. There is an air inlet, a black bung, and a leakproof cap in the airbed to avoid leakage.

3. Please read the electric inflator pump instructions before inflating the airbed.

4. After 10 hours of inflation, a natural leak is average; please inflate it again for comfortable use.

5. This product is not life-saving equipment; it can not use in the water.

Can I put an air mattress in a car?

Whether you're planning a road trip, camping adventure or need to make room in your home for extra guests, the thought of putting an air mattress in your car may have crossed your mind. But is it possible to do so? The answer is yes! You can fit an air mattress in almost any vehicle.

SUV Inflatable mattresses are more adaptable to car interiors and easier to store. Overlanders and car campers depend on quality air mattresses to stay comfortably rested on long road trips or prepare for tomorrow's hikes and adventures.

Inflatable car mattresses are becoming increasingly popular for those who need a comfortable sleeping space while on the go. Suitable for road trips, camping, and other outdoor activities, they offer a range of benefits. 

Here are some benefits:

1) Comfort: An inflatable car mattress provides comfort and support for your body, allowing you to sleep soundly without feeling cramped or uncomfortable.

2) Easy Setup: Lightweight design makes them easy to transport and set up wherever you are.

3) Durability: Inflatable mattresses are durable materials that can withstand regular use, wear, and tear and are folded up and stored.

4) Convenient: Air mattresses are lightweight and easy to transport, making them ideal for car camping trips. The car rest mattress provides a comfortable sleeping surface and can quickly inflate and deflate, making it easier to carry around.

5) Better camping experience: Air beds make camping more enjoyable. They are easy to pack and become vital when you're camping. If you have an air pump, you can quickly inflate them and have a bed.

6) Storage: Universal SUV car beds can easily be stored in the boot of your vehicle when not in use, meaning that they will only take up a little space or add unnecessary weight to your journey.

7) Versatility: Inflatable mattresses can use in multiple places, such as cars and tents.

-Set up the inflatable outdoor camping car bed in the car to make a rest space.

-Put this outdoor camping travel bed in the tent as a moisture-proof pad and sleeping bed. It also provides excellent insulation from the cold ground, meaning you'll stay warm even in chilly weather. The car seat air mattress is also high above the ground. Regardless of the weather, you won't catch a cold.

-Great for Kids and Pets, car mattresses should be the first thing.

What needs to consider when looking at the usefulness of an inflatable car mattress. Each of these factors will affect your buying decision. They range in size, color, and extra features.

Design:When erected on the car's back seat, the most basic vehicle bed has a rectangular body and two legs to support it. For some, this is only sometimes practical. However, you can also choose an air bed with detachable sections that can inflate independently. This way, you won't need to worry about your car's size.

Size: You should know the width of your vehicle before buying a car travel air bed. Consider an SUV air bed if you own an SUV. A car travel air bed should be a manageable size.

Material: Inflatable car beds with a cover seal out the odor and make the air bed more comfortable. Most vehicle air mattress manufacturers use PVC plastic material.

Air pump: If you do not have an air pump to inflate your air mattress, Tiroflx's come with a pump that allows you to pump air into your airbed at will.

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